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ASIN : B017SZXGMS:- Don’t go with this product because crowded.Sir this product have lot of listings, if you search on amazon there are above 60 listings, that means the day you will launch the product it will be somewhere between 3-4 page as Amazon show 15 products a page.
So even if you do better listing and get friendly sales and reviews then also you will hardly go to page 2-3 as in first 2 pages almost all the listing have reviews. But unless you are not getting your product listed on page 1 it will be difficult to get sales.

B00PW6NKIQ Garbage Bags:>>>Crowded don’t go with this product.

B01NAKO5BD Cricket ball set >>>>Wrong ASIN

>>>It is suggested find some more products with the help of PRT tool and you can select from potential product list of this month.

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