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Good evening:)

Hope you are doing good!

Better you can do one thing

Use your notepad and make editing there whatever you want then copy paste it in description editor. After that click source button then copy it and paste it into Amazon central account description area.

B2B : Yesterday……………. Dont worry they used to call like this everytime. No need to worry.

i dont receive with my product:- GST bill is mandatory or dont purchase the product from that supplier. It will hard to get GST at the time of GST file returns.

Amazon listing
Amazon manage invertory tab – in my product display coloumn, it will show like this. what is this? i already asked about this.
Quality alerts (1):- Kindly please send us the screenshot of this in

And yes again send your ASIN of this product to us on I will discuss with Vikas sir.

Product sales:
I place another order with my friend now. but i didn’t got order from others. my hope is going down. please guide me. can i display anothe……..

Just wait. Don’t let your hope down. I was checking your product with Vikas sir. I will tell you about it tomorrow.


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