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Initially, Facebook works on weekly payment system means if you have a budget of 200Rs daily then Facebook send you a bill after a week which will be around 1400 and 1600.
you can either select daily budget or one-time budget.
Have you checked our Module – 7 Chapter -5. We have given the details how you can create FB campaign. What you can do create some offer and publish on FB. This way you can give some discounts to other people.

I think you are asking about pay per click sponsor listing:
Sponsored product>>, In this case, Amazon allows you to use its promotional methods such as pay per click advertisement program to get more product visibility for your product.
>>It is better to go for sponsor products.
>>To sponsor your product you have to raise a ticket on amazon seller center. They will let you know the procedure and amount too.
If you have an Amazon seller center access then go through this video:

The cost per click will be added to the fixed amount or cost per click will be included in the budget fixed at the beginning?
I am not getting this query properly. Can you elaborate?


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