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1)eBook link:
>>>Let me give you another link to September month eBook.
Link of September eBook:

2) What is PRT(product research technique)?
>>>For potential product we have designed a completely new product research tool(PRT) which would enable you to find bestselling products within just a few clicks.

Here we have link of tool video demo:

Yes, you can apply filters in PRT if you want. So that refine data will come. Why we want you to go for Rank 150 because top hundred products are crowded and there are multiple sellers in it. I have made a GIF file to understand PRT filter. You can see that after applying filter the data is more refined.


3)Will I go to China to import the product or should I go to India mart or wholesaler from local market. Which medium will be suitable for me to sell product like a hot cake?
>>>Yes, you can import the product from China and they will provide you product with your own private label.
In the previous answer what I was trying to say that you can also select product from a wholesaler if you have low investment because you don’t have to pay shipping charges.

Let me know if you have other queries.

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