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You have provided us the list of 20 hand picked products of November but most of the products are non private label.
>>> These are reference product you have to brand it with your preference and sell it.

How will I compete with such branded products even after good listing.kindly explain.
>>> We have explained how you should assess competition.

2.Some of the products in 20 hand picked products of November are electronic and heavy weight.As in the modules you told us that our very first product should be non electronic and light weight. Kindly explain.
>>>This list is for beginners as well as existing sellers. So beginners can avoid electronics.

3.Don’t you think our products should be simple in nature like yoga mat and not with different objects as there is a risk of return and damage. Kindly explain.
>>> Yes thats why we suggest to go for simple products initially and later do all shorts of experiment.

4.I have discussed with various Chinese Manufacturers about private labelling but he saying that you should follow MOQ at a certain price.Even after bargaining the price this runs into lakhs of rupees? How should I solve this problem.
>>> In such case go for local suppliers initially and they you can pick product from Alibaba later.

5.Someone is saying that I should follow the rank between 40 to 400 in private label products. Someone is saying follow the rank between 300 to 2000 in a private label products. Kindly clear the doubt?
>>> With most of category product rank between 50-400 are good in electronics you can go upto 1000 rank.

6.I have come across a different products at different prices.One product is selling at the rate of Rs680 on one marketplace while the same product is selling on another marketplace at Rs520.If I set the price at Rs600.How will I get benefit.Kindly explain?
>>> Sir you will find product on amazon cheaper compare to other site. Now due to offer by site or by seller you can see price difference but i would suggest you work on competition on individual marketplace not across all.

7.How Amazon treat their sellers in terms of payment sending back to sellers.I know it takes 7 days for Amazon to pay.But did they pay in actually or not.kindly explain.
>>> Amazon treats its sellers very well, yes they do pay.

8.Does Amazon allow me to do business with one product launch or should I have multiple inventory to do business on amazon. Kindly explain
>>> You can have any number of inventory, you can start with even one.

9.Apart from India mart is there any other online market who tells about Manufacturers of India. As on India mart some sellers are listed as Manufacturers but when I called them they are actually importers not Manufacturers. What is the credibility of such information.
>>> India mart is only trustworthy

10.kindly clear the doubt about the parameters in current scenario of launching a very first product.
>>> I guess we have already talked on this.

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