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Hi mam,

good evening

Still my product is not listed on 1 and 2 page on Amazon. I have a doubt about Keyword. if lot of people used the same keyword then how it will display on search result?. it will display one by one with orderly?. shall i give my seller account details for your verify about my listing? i think it will help to my better product sales.

No mam, we cant use your account because exchanging password according to Amazon policy declares it suspicious activity.

>>>If you have made changes in your seller central account it takes 24-48 hours to update.
>>>>In your previous product (Piggy bank) please try to catch sales mam, atleast 4-5. Then your product will be start showing to others.

>>>For another product you have to follow the same strategy. As making the good listing as well as generating sales. So better focus on the existing product then you can switch over to another product.

Thanks & Regards,

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