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>>>Hi mam

Hope you are doing fine.

>>>This product is good. You can go ahead. Try to find multiple manufacturers who can give you reasonable price. Try to negotiate with them.
Go for good quality product. Check for sample and then go ahead.

2)Body Weight Scale Digital for home use
>>>This product has a lot of listings, if you search on amazon there are above 60 listings, that means the day you will launch the product it will be somewhere between 3-4 page as Amazon show 15 products a page.

So even if you do better listing and get friendly sales and reviews then also you will hardly go to page 2-3 as in first 2 pages almost all the listing have reviews. But unless you are not getting your product listed on page 1 it will be difficult to get sales.

>>>About PayPal doubts let me concerned it with Vikash sir and let you know. Give me a bit to look into this for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing AMZ Blast!

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