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B01L9D9CVE:- Please don’t go with this product because it has a lot of competition. You will not able to find good profit margin or unable to come on first 2-3 pages.
B01M4IPBAY:- Yes this is a good product. You can expect 2-3 sales per day. You can find a manufacturer in Indiamart as well as Alibaba also. After launching your product try to get early friendly sales and some verified reviews.

B06XC7G4VM:- Don’t go with this product because of a lot of competition.

B06XNZCBL7:- we don’t have specified data for this product. But we have seen it has a bit competition with this product. You can expect too many sales.
B01KNTO1E8:- This product has same competition also.
B01MXFS4UJ:- Don’t go with this product because of much competition.
B01N7T4O2J:- Yes you can go with this product. You can expect at least 3-4 sales. Also, you can go with the entire niche.

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