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Reply to proprietorship and GST questions

>>>If you are alone then go for proprietorship and in this case, you don’t have to register company or get company PAN. Getting GST only would be enough. Your legal company name, like XYZ enterprises and you, will be getting VAT against that only. In case of proprietorship no need of unique.
After taking GST number, in how many days one could start selling. How many days required to register over Amazon India. What documents required for GST registration.
>>>When you get GST number you can start selling the product if all the formalities are completed. It takes hardly 1 day if your all requirements are completed.

For GST under proprietorship, you can use both residential as well as commercial property.
-Pan card
-Aadhar card

– If you are using rented property then provide rental agreement.

– If you own property then provide utility bill that comes with your name

– If property is inherited or owned by parents/grandparents then you need their utility bill and a signed NOC.
Here is NOC format for reference. If property owner died then we need death certificate here instead of NOC.

– If property is owned by your wife then you need utility bill that comes with her name and a signed NOC.

>>>Also it is suggested first go through our all video modules.

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