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1. Can we get an approximate number of sellers for a particular product:- Sorry sir, There is no such any automated tool through which we can get an approximation.
2. Also is there a way to find products which a minimum number of suppliers:- No, not anyway, but if you are searching products on we have suggested you some parameters which you have to follow to select a manufacturer.
3. If you have a private level product would you get a buy now option immediately? If not how would those products be sold:- Yes in private label product the chances are high. But you know the main focus is to get early initial sales and verified reviews. As soon as your product gets sold the chances of getting buy button becomes high. Or if you go via FBA process so the chance of getting buy button becomes high also
4. What do you do in case manufacturers send high-quality samples but when you order those products you receive low-quality products ? can you stop payment:- No you can’t stop payment. That’s why we suggest you to go with small quantity first. Before that check for quality by ordering sample product.
5. Would you recommend getting into high selling items but which have mostly branded sellers? Eg. baby dippers:- No we will not suggest to go with mostly branded sellers because it remains brand dominated.
6. There were certain products whose data was not found by AMZ Blast product research tool? Would that mean that that product has low monthly sales?:- Yes if the product has low monthly sales then thee products might not have any sales figure. Just to confirm you can check the product rank also and you can check sales figure of the same rank of product within the same category. ( For this you can set filters)
7. There were certain products where certain suppliers had good sales while others had zero? What do say of that why does this happen ?Eg. Toilet stool:- It means they have very fewer sales e.g.less then 10 per month so it shows zero.
8. There were many products which had few private level product which were selling a major chunk as they had a lot of reviews between 100 t0 200 while other suppliers did do well. Would you recommend getting into one of them:- It means the product is in demand and selling hot in the market. So if you want to go with the product you have to pick that product having medium competition and less competition.
9. Why do we get into selling of heavy or bulky products as there would be lesser competition
10. How can we know if a product is copyrighted and others suppliers cannot sell it? May be some games like UNO:- You can check it via product listings. If the product has only one offer then it means private listing, or it has more then 2-3 offers then it means open listings i mean, not private label.
11. Should we target products whose sales value is above 500 or below 500 as in case the product is below 500 then we do not have to pay courier charges else we have to:- If you are going through FBM then its depends on you how much shipping charges you want to get from customer or depends on your product size, On in case of FBA it depends on Amazon how much they want to charge.

Sir the excel sheet you have attached is not opening. If you don’t mind can you please send it

We will check your product status.

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