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Good morning

Thanks for the guidance on the previous ticke………

You are always welcome sir 🙂

B01M9EWVL2:- Good product sir.

B00QZDA16O:=- Good product sir but if you are going to import from you require WPC license also.

I have to demand from the supplier before placing the bulk order…

>>>Initially when we start a business we go for small orders of 1-2 or max 3 cartons of products.

>>>Use air cargo

>>>Use International courier companies such as FedEx and DHL.
>>>Take complete responsibility to deliver your product at your doorstep.
>>>They pick a product from the manufacturer, pay customs duty, clear it from the customs and deliver it to you.
>>>KYC:- PAN card,GST number,Bank statement,IEC.
>>>You have to pay the customs duties whatever they have already paid.
>>>For Payment use Bank wire transfer/TT
>>>Prefer Alibaba Trade assurance.
>>>Never do under-invoicing.

>>>For Invoice you can check our video module 8 chapter no 1.

Can you please elaborate the procurement…….

⦁ When we select manufacturer one must be careful about selecting it. The parameters what should be follow while selecting a manufacturer is its name, must be 3 years gold supplier(any supplier more then 2 years of selling products its status is called Gold supplier), response rate should be more then 70%, quality assurance and recent transactions should be good and it must be verified supplier.
⦁ If all these qualities you find while selecting a manufacturer it means he is trustworthy and their products are reliable without returns. provides you the chat option with manufacturers. If you want to chat with them you go to company profile, then go to home page there you will find listings of marketing executives. You can chat with anyone.

let me know about which types of office equipment required ……..

>>>According to my own knowledge as such no more formalities are required. Only GST must have very important. And yes PC, Printers etc also required 🙂

>>>For further queries, you can revert back to us.

Have a nice weekend 🙂


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