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Reply to Questions about IEC and Discussion about product sample

>>>IEC application can be filled online, also you can make IEC application fee online which is just rupee 500.

Once all the information provided on DGFT website and you paid its fee online then there is two way to submit IEC form.

1.Online submission – If you have DGFT digital signature then you can use it and submit form online. Digital signatures usually come on a small USB drive which you require to plug while you submit IEC form.
2.Offline submission – If you don’t have DGFT digital signature then you can take a printout of all the pages that you submitted and self-attest these documents. Finally, send these document to your local DGFT office. Below this video, we have provided list of all the DGFT offices in India.

So if you applied for IEC online and submitted it with digital signature then there is no need of submitting the print out documents manually. Otherwise, if you don’t have digital signature then only you have to speed post these all documents to DGFT office.

Product selection

If quality of product is not good then don’t go with this product. Quality will be key to fetch good sales. Don’t go for tripod then select other products.

1)Yoga Mat >>>> This is also a good product but this product is bulky in size and there is a lot of competition with this product. That’s why we don’t suggest this product.

2)Projector screen>>>>You can go ahead with this product. In some of the keywords with projector screen, there are weak listing. So if you generate friendly sales and work on listing you can fetch good margin.

About margin, you can talk to manufacturer for large quantity and see how much price he is quoting for that. For small stock don’t calculate margin because initially when your stock is less then surely you will get less margin say 30-40% but then you increase volume then the same product can fetch 60-70% margin.

3) Ortoopedic contour pillow
>>>You can go ahead with this product. It will be best of you get this product from india mart or any whole saler. If you order it from alibaba then your shipping charges may increase because it is volumatic one.

Let me know if you have other queries.

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