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Hello Sir,

Good evening

B078PQ5JD9,B078PQ1VN6 :- Both products are good

>>>Make your titles little bit briefer.

>>>Write bullet points briefer.

>>>Product description area should be written in steps, not in a paragraph.

>>>You can put 8 images of your product.

>>> Use relevant keywords.

>>>After making live your product try to get friendly sales and verifies reviews because after getting early reviews your product will take movement.

>>>You can check the similar product in then check the listing. You can use your own words but for reference, you can check another’s listing.

Sir, after making changes in your listing you can again send it to us for checking.

B078PR5BWN…. For this product, you can make some combos and check your competitor’s price. According to that if you lessen your price at least 20-30 rs after that if you feel you are getting good sales then you can increase your price.

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