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Reply to Regarding Import From China

Hey Sanjay Ji,

Good day!

Kritika stepping in from mentors team, happy to help!

As per our telephonic conversation, let me give you the agreement that you can show to Bank people if they ask for it.

Can you search this term in amazon seller central account “Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement”. When you will search then the agreement will open and you can have a print out of it and provide it to your bank.

See Aliexpress is retail site so they will provide bit higher prices plus to reduce shipping charges they use china post for shipping and china post take no responsibility to deliver product on time, usually it take month or even more and most of time stuck in customs.

Same product which you see on Aliexpress will be available on alibaba also, since most of alibaba manufacturers they themselves retail it on Aliexpress.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any questions!

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