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Reply to Regarding price calculation and product basket

B01HZ8XJUC:- Sir product is good but its weight is 2.22 kg very bulky. We almost suggest a product which bears rate at least 1kg or below that. For bulky products shipping cost will be very high.

B00TV1UMA2:- Yes this product is good but i saw bit competition with this product. To come on the first page you have to work a little bit hard by improve its listing with a quality product. If you go with this product try to get early friendly sales with verified reviews. And you make some add-ons with this product to attract customers.

B00TV1V0HG:- the Good product you can go with it. But check your price margin and also check your competitor price. According to that you can set your product price.

B00TV1USO2:- Yes good product you can go with it with better quality.

B01L7LUZ5A:- Yes good product you can go with it.

B01KLSJ074:- the Good product you can make some variations and some add-ons with this product.

Glad to know that you are living city where bathroom accessories is supplied to rest of India. Maybe this line becomes a matter of knowledge to us. Thanks for awareness.

secondly i want to know the……………

>>>Sir, pricing and margin….first of all check on related product price. You have to mention your price almost same or a little bit more or less. or yes if you are giving add-ons with your products then you can make your price more.

>>>For calculating price margin you can use FBA calculator or if you are importing your product then you can use margin calculator tool.

For further queries you can revert back.

Thanks & Regards,

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