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>>>As i saw your query I am going to elaborate some points which you have to keep in your mind while sourcing best quality product.

>>> First of all, check it.

>>> Finalizing category of your product. It will help you to shortlist few categories. First of all we have to keep in our mind we should not proceed with those categories where there is one or two products with small investments. So if you are going in the wrong category and after a lot of hard work you are not able to generate sales, it wouldn’t good for your confidence with a bad start. Always choose those categories which are a good start with one product and which get sales from day one. For this, we have shared a video link through which you can get brief information about product selection.

Chapter 4 – List of Best Categories for New Sellers

And yes your query is regarding bathroom accessories”-

>>>When you choose any product first check it is available in or not.

>>>Then check its EMS, EMR, price, ratings and reviews, listing quality, no of sellers, no of inventory, or is it a likely private label or not.
>>>For selling your product or to check its quality you can order for a sample product and you can communicate with different manufacturers in India mart as well as

>>>When the sample is final you have to check your price margin first with the manufacturer.

>>>I am giving you an example of Bathroom Accessories:- e.g if you going to select folding towel rack with this product you can cover an entire niche with this product.
>>>Its niche can be bathroom corners>> Soap stand>>Hooks>>Towel ring>>Towel bars>>Tissue paper holder>>Sink organizer>>Sink cleaner……….and so on……………
>>>In this way you can find subcategories of each product.

Factors should keep in mind while sourcing best quality:-

>>>See when you choose your product you have to check there must be not over-competition. Always select the product which has no competition or medium competition. Because if you choose a product which has too much competition there becomes less possibility to come on first page. But the product where competition is medium or very low so it becomes a possibility to come on the first page by improving your listing or by getting early friendly sales and some verified reviews.

>>>After choosing your product you have to compare the price of your product with competitors price. See when you start selling a product and your competitor product is also with the same quality and he is selling it at price 500. So you can decrease your price at least 20-30 rs (470) to get some early sales or by giving some add-ons with your product. Once you start getting sales and good reviews then you can increase your price after that if you feel your product is worth more price.

>>>But make sure before selling products on Amazon check its quality by ordering sample product.

>>>After checking your sample product if you feel you want more add-ons with this product then you can talk to your manufacturer for that. You can make changes according to your will by communicating with manufacturer.e.g. if you want to add toothbrush holder with sink organizer then you can ask to the manufacturer for that.

>>>Hope you got it but still if you feel any stag in any area you can revert back.

>>>We are here to help you in every step.

>>>Have a nice weekend!

>>>Thanks & Regards

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