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Reply to Regarding registration for a private level brand and firm name in GST

Hey there,

Kritika stepping in from team, happy to help!

Sir, thank you so much for your kind words I’ll pass that along to the team, they will be delighted to
hear that ��

Baby , Home Improvement , Auto Accessories , and home Kitchen are good categories to go with your private label. You can add other categories later and start selling.

About phone accessories >>> There are a lot of companies which are selling franchise they are providing thousands of design to their franchise which enable them to have huge mobile phone cover inventory and it is becoming very hard to compete in this niche. That’s way we are neutral when it comes to phone covers.

There are 3 kinds of company name you will come across:

1. Your legal company name, like XYZ enterprises and you will be getting GST against that only. In case of
proprietorship no need of unique name but in case of PVT LTD, LLP etc your company name should be unique.
On Amazon you need to specify company legal name on amazon setting pages.

2. Amazon display name – On amazon product page, it will show your company display name which you can
keep same as legal name or you can also select a different name like "Super Hot Deals". If you want you can keep display name same as legal name like xyx enterprises.

3. Brand name – Your preferred brand name that will display on product title and also printed on product.
If you want you can keep all three same or different.

As soon as you have a question feel free to reach out!

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