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First of all, Amazon will give ASIN for all the products which are going to be listed on Amazon. Suppose you and another person also adding the same product with the same color, Amazon will provide ASIN to your product listing and another person’s listing too. But not same ASIN.

Customer will purchase product according to their choice that’s why we always ask our members to put product good quality images and with good prices with their brand name and Amazon will send that product which is ordered by the customer.

For APOB, you have to raise a ticket on amazon seller account and they will follow you.You need to get ABOP for FBA as you have to mark amazon FBA center as additional business location, you can ask exactly which form they need in your region.

>>>As for helpline number I am sending you a complete step by step process to contact Amazon.
Open this Link:

You need to print these details on your product box:

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