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Hi Shaiksmheeda,

Good Morning,

But I would like…………
>>Sir, as per Amazon policies we are now unable to continue with AMZ review. Amazon suggesting to not to use discount coupons to get reviews so we are going to remove this review system. Please note earlier amazon seller policy didn’t have this point but now they are clear now. Check this

Pl suggest me for……….
>>The best way is to get your friends and family involved into it also you can contact buyers and ask for reviews.
>>For better sales or to attract customers you can make some add-ons with your products.
>>>You can check your competitor price according to that you can little bit decrease your price at least 20-30 rs when you feel you start getting sales then you can increase your product price.

>>>You can ask your friends and family members to purchase your products and give some verified reviews.


As I checked your products your products are good but you have to improve your listings

>>>You can put at least 8 images of your product with an example how to use it.
>>>Title should be good
>>>Try to elaborate your bullets points. It should be more descriptive.
>>>Lower description area should be written in steps like 1,2, 3, 4….so on
>>>Use relevant keywords.
>>>Use your main keyword e.g. washing machine trolley must be used twice in your bullets points or lower area description.

To understand better you can check your competitor how he has listed his product on Amazon through which you can get an idea more.

For further queries you can revert back.

Thanks & regards,

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