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Toys: 1) Tic tac toe game :
>>>>This product is volumetric and there are no sales with this product so you cant expect sales.

2) Alpha numero toy :
>>>>This product is already selling at the cheapest price on Amazon and it don’t have that many sales so you cant expect sales with this product.

3) Maths puzzle game :>>>>>>Product is good and volumetric its already selling at cheapest price on amazon try to calculate margin.

4)Multi tier rack :
>>>Volumetric and no sales.

5)Mini UFO shaped Body massager:
>>> Try to product it’s exact ASIN reference we are not able to find the same product.

6)Drinking water pump dispenser and unbreakable plastic remote stand: >>>> Try to product its exact ASIN reference we are not able to find the same product.

7)2 in 1 cooking oil dispenser :
>>>This product doesn’t have sales so you cant expect sales.

8)Double soap dish holder:
>>>Try to provide us exact ASIN reference.

9)Water spray gun with hoose pipe :
>>>No much sales with this product you will not be able to fetch margin.

10)360 rotating cooling laptop stand:

11)Multipurpose swiss knife tool and 11 in 1 steel servival tool kit pocket :
>>> Try to provide the exact ASIN reference.

12)3D mobile phone screen magnifier with stand:
>>>Low sales you cant be able to fetch sales with this product.

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