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>>>Hi Samrat sir

Hope you are doing fine.

Let me first explain you shipping process in detail:

>>>When you start business you start with small stock like 2-3 cartons. For that we suggest you to use international courier companies such as FedEx and DHL.

These companies will take complete responsibility to deliver your product at your doorstep. They will take product from manufacturer, pay customs duty, clear it from the customs and deliver it to you.

When they come to deliver you have to pay the custom duties whatever they have already paid.

Also when your product lands in India these companies will ask for your KYC. As KYC you have to provide your personal PAN card if it is proprietorship otherwise provide company PAN card, GST number or GSTIN, Bank statement.

1)Which address should I provide to my supplier for delivery?
>>>The address that you have provided during your GST registration. It is better to give same address as in your GST form.

2) Where my products going to arrive, at Bangalore customs? Do I need to go to the custom department personally to clear/ release the products?
>>>FeDeX, DHL takes your product from manufacturer and deliver at your door step. Don’t need to go to custom clear product.

3)After clearing the products from customs, how to send them to Amazon Warehouse?
>>>First, you need to create product listing convert it into an FBA. When you decided to convert into FBA then create a ticket in Amazon seller central and ask to convert. Immediately Amazon will start to follow you and guide you through every step.

Let me know if you need call to understand it and feel free to ask any query.

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