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1. Is it better to source from India rather than China in terms of cost considering shipment costs, import duty?
>>See, it totally depends upon you if you have low budget and you don’t want to import product you can buy product from IndiaMart.And we also suggest you can buy product from IndiaMart.

2. If not please mention the product category which is better to source from China.
>>>All the categories which we suggest you can import from China.

3. Also which are the best websites to look for in India and China?
>>>In china
In India:-
When you shortlist any product you need to talk to multiple manufacturers checking their price product quality, shipping option, packing option etc. You have to discuss it with at least 2-3 manufacturer and based upon discussion you can shortlist few and share the link with us.
>>>We define some parameters of good manufacture in module 4 video.
Parameters to find manufacture at Alibaba:-
1. Find same product
2. Min 3 year gold membership
3. Trade assurance
4. Transaction level
5. Check company basic information company type (Manufacture or Trader)

If you still have any quarry about manufacture than provide us your manufacture link we can help you.
Also you can try this product in local market
Indian manufacturers /suppliers:-

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