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>>>Sorry to jump into this conversation. Let me tell you about your product listing.

Let me tell you about your first listing. Listing is good but you can do better. You can raise keywords in your product title, add more bullet points about your product. There are some changes you need to do.

Consider these points and make changes in your listing accordingly.

1)You need to add more images to your product listing. Amazon allows 8 images to upload. I am giving you product link in for reference. See its images that have clear resolution and quality.

Link to

2)Create more bullets points with relevant information.

3)Some of the keywords you can include in your title, bullet points, and lower area description. You can also take help from our newly launched keyword research tool. You can also find by yourself. 1 tier you can use in your title and bullets point. 2 tier keyword can be used in your bullet points and in lower area. 3 tier keyword can be used in lower area description.

sprayer for gardening
spray bottles for plants
water spray gun for car wash
water spray gun for bike wash
water spray gun for garden

4)It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get improve product visibility.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. Thank you for choosing AMZ Blast!

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