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Good Morning

>>>As we saw your listing your picture quality is still poor. Please try to use good pictures with better quality.

>>>Bullets points:- Try to improve your bullet points I mean to make little briefer.

>>>Lower area descriptions:- Use lower area description in steps instead of a paragraph. Try to make it attractive too.

>>>Please send us keywords that you have used.

>>>Have you done any recent changes in your listing or in pricing option? If there is any then let me know. With the recent changes if you made any can be a reason to drop your sales.

>>>As I have checked your reviews in which one is verified and another three are unverified. Don’t try to generate unverified reviews. It will be harmful to your listing because Amazon will take your listing as spam. So its better try to get verified reviews.

>>>Try to get early friendly sales with verified reviews.

>>>Do work hard to improve your product matrix.

>>>Let me help you with anything else!

>>>Thanks & Regards

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