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Good day!

Better if you send ASIN of the products. On the basis of ASIN we can check extreme competition regarding products.

Handy chopper:- The product is very crowded. Hard to get visibility on the first and second page. Better to check with any product.
2) Fruit infuser bottle:-Same thing this product is also vrry crowded. Hard to get visibility on first two pages.
3) Electric egg boiler:- in starting we don’t suggest our members go in the Electrical category because it requires some certificates and license. And another thing this category is also competitive. Too much competition at first page and second-page medium competition.
4) Microfibers mitt gloves:-No we don’t suggest this product because of quality issue and already selling at very low price so hard to fetch margin.
5) Protein shaker & sippers:- Crowded product. Hard to get sales and visibility on first two pages.
6)Tyre rollers:- Still no competition in this product. If you are getting this product in local market then you can proceed further. Get early friendly sales and verified reviews after making live with your product.
7) Multifunction water sprays:- Medium competition but you can beat weak listings. If you have a quality product or something like that which you can make an add-on with it. So you can start with small stock to check sales response.

when you want to start with any product so better calculate your margin first.And the product in which you are getting good margin you can start with that one.

For further queries, you can revert back to us.


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