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Shaker bottle:- Sir, there is a lot of competition with this product, You can also check by putting keyword shaker bottle in and see almost 80+ stars. It means huge competition. To get visibility you have to do hard work.

2)massage foam roller with bumps.. Too much competition in this product. So it is hard to find margin as well as sales. It is also impossible to get visibility on first two- three pages.

3)Chakla Belan Stand:- Chakla belan stand is still a good product. You can find it in India if you are unable to find manufacturers in But make sure go with better quality.

4)quat Stool Potty Stool For Western Toilets:- Yes good product. Still seems not more competition. So do some little bit more hard work and generate early friendly sales.

5)Adjustable Hands-Free 4-In-1 Baby Carrier Bag:- No doubt there is heavy competition. But if you want to go with this product so you can go with multiple variations like colour,size etc with better quality.

Hi i am so glad that AMZBLAST has responded so …………

Much appreciated!! Thankyou very much.

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