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Good Morning

1)B01M0RZ5G9:- This is an already brand dominated product. You cant find margin in this product.
2) B074J48P19:-This product is already very crowded and brand dominated.
3) B00HH9M8CA:- This product is bulky as you can see its weight is 1.14kg so you will not get a good margin.
4) B0168IFI3Q:- Good product as you can target different models of car with better quality. As i found medium competition in this product.
5) B075DL2JD7:- Product is good but too much competition. If you import this product you require WPC license for that also. But if you find this product in local market then you can try for this. And yes it is impossible to visible on the first page due to high competition.
6) B00L6TMCFU:- Good product but it is also very crowded. Don’t go with it.
7) B00D75AB6:- This product is also brand dominated. Don’t go with it.

>>>Sir our new potential product list is going to be launch today. You can find it on the dashboard on its right side December second potential product list. You can choose some products among them also.

For further queries, you can revert back to us.

Thanks and regards,

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