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Wishing a very happy new year to you and your family.

Hi, I now understand what is UPC from your video. But can you explain what is UPC exemption?

>>See, UPC exemption is for book only but when you need to list your product on Amazon you need UPC codes.

Currently, i have got some unbranded products from China. They don’t have any brand name on the packaging. Can you explain how i can sell this on Amazon? ie Do i need UPC for it? Do i need to find an existing listing to list my product?

>>See, that is neutral product and its depend upon you whether you want to go with neutral product or with your own brand(private brand ) product.if you want to sell neutral brand than you can put sticker on it and you can sell it on Amazon. But if you want to sell your own brand then you need to ask a manufacturer for price and calculate margin. Yes, you need UPC codes for list the product on Amazon.

What is generic product and do i need to list it under that?

>>>Generic product is one which is already a brand.If you are planning to sell the Generic product then you can go with the same listing with competitive price.

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