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Reply to what is legal name and what is display name

Some Query
While Registrating on Amazom
First Name and LastName should be legal name in gst certificate?
Also the legal name should be legal name in the certificate or it should be trade name ?
Display Name can be anything say savi enterprises or rahul nimkar?
Invoices should have legal name from gst certificate or trade name?
While Paypal registration
We have to use legal name on GST certificate for registration as he is sole proprietor and has pan card ?
The current bank account should be in the name of Savi Enterprises(which is trade name in GST certificate) or rahul nimkar, as savi enerprises
dont have pan card but rahul has?

IEC Registration
What in the case of IEC registration we should have account with legal name on GST certificate or Trade name on GST certificate?
The sample order or ordering a lot should be in the name of trade name or legal name from GST certificate?
While ordering sample product what i use legal name in GST certificate or Trade name in GST certificate?

Want to register IEC from you what is the process for IEC Registration

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