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Are you ready for festival sales this year ?

Follow our Strategies and Start Business on Amazon in this festival season to get BUMPER SALE 

This festival season over 45,000 Crore of business expected on Amazon & Flipkart, are you ready to take your share ?

How We Are Going To Help You......

AMZ Blast provides you many exceptional tools that makes your online business smooth. Tools like Product research tool, Product tracker, Keyword research, Super URL and many more. In this coming days we will provide more products and strategies for you.

Product Selection

Exclusively for Diwali sales we are providing 100 potential product list to our members so that they can launch more and more product to get maximum results this year.

Training & Tools

Learn amazon business model step wise by going through 90+ video chapters and use exceptional tools to build your successful,brand in this coming festival sales.


Get guidance from experts who will help you to boost your sales in Amazon. Confused about product selection? Mentors will guide you with best of products in this coming Diwali sales.


Are You Thinking To Start A Business, But still looking for ideas.

Vikash has over 10 years of experience of SaaS and with combination of his extensive seller’s experience he can be best guy to lead your marketplace journey. Loves to work on Amazon API & products research. Innovative mind is always hunting for something new.


Product Research Tool
Product Tracking
Keyword Research Tool
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Loved By Our Members

When I failed to sell on Amazon on my own, I spoiled my lots of money and time behind one SPN service provider. They just cheated me and wasted my precious time and money as well. One day while searching for some help, I watched some videos of Mr.Vikash on YouTube and got it interesting so went into depth and finally booked a call back on AMZ Blast website. After a long conversation over the phone, I decided to join it but I was not so confirmed that whether they will do something because my previous experience was worst and they also insured me a boost in my sell. But, when I started following their valuable tips from their tutorial videos and especially from trained & experienced mentors, I experienced a magical increase in my sells in a very short period. These all happened due to their fantastic tools for research and mentorship.

I would like to thank AMZ Blast team to make my business on Amazon a success


Aftab Ahmed Ansari

New Delhi

My name is Raj Patel. I am sharing my small journey with AMZ blast. I started my Amazon business 2-3 months ago with one product. With the Help of AMZ Video modules I learn very useful thing that help me to achieve success in my very first product which double my confidence. I want to share one experience here, in very near past Amazon conduct free seminar in every city so I attended the seminar and I found that other people have not that basic knowledge which is necessary to start Amazon business. That time I really feel that I gain lots of knowledge with the help to AMZ blast.This is just a first stop of my journey but I am very confident that with the help of AMZ blast I grow very fast in this business…

Worth it to spent money on AMZ blast, Otherwise you have to spent money on Dead stoke.

Thank you


Raj Patel


Being an MBA (LSCM) I was no stranger to the e-commerce business potential and its approach. I wanted something which i can feel proud to say that its  mine .I quit my job and decided to have some research out .I was sure about the online selling and I was looking for the mentorship as it is needed all the way .One night surfing internet i came across AMZ blast and without wasting the time i get the subscription. I joined AMZ blast six months ago this year .The step by step guidance , the video tutorials and the support team helped me out  to understand the online selling in a better way indeed. Under the AMZ blast team guidance i launched my first product one month ago there on Amazon. By the help of exceptional  team of AMZ blast .


Mazid Khan


Thank you very much to AMZ Blast, Your guidance help me to achieve my goal.I started my own business. The PRT Tool is an excellent one. Last year i joined AMZ blast when i was searching to start online business, i subscribed and got to know all small small details, tips and techniques about online selling. Called n numbers of times for any query and got the satisfactory answers all the time and special thanks to Kritika mam and vikas sir for tolerating me all the time. All the tools provided are best in market and very easy to use, with accurate information, especially product research tool, FBA calculator, description editor, keyword research etc. Within period of 10 months i have successfully listed 10 products and getting satisfactory results and working for another 7-8 products to start.

Thanks AMZ Blast.


Monish Mamtani

Madhya Pradesh

Being an expat business owner , I was always fascinated to build a business based on India . but there was many challenge of running from both Dubai & India at the same time. There were many failure stories from others who also have a traditional business in India and Dubai . I found AMZ Blast during my research for some Amazon seller tools tailored to Indian market and landed on one of the video series from Mr.Vikash founder of Amzblast . This was a mind blowing video that removed all my doubt about selling in Amazon India. Immediately I took a paid membership and gone through all the video training series . The result is – My dream became true. I dreamed about having a business which runs 24/7 , low risk , global level ,scalability and of course profitable with out me being physically present in India . I received all the confidence to be an Amazon FBA seller.


Mujab Sirajudeen

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