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Start Your Business On Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal

India is going to spend $25 Billion Dollars this year online and most of the money will go to marketplace sites such as Flipkart and Amazon. These marketplace sites transfer 85-95% of the transaction money to the sellers who are selling products on these sites. This makes it an extremely profitable business. Now 90% of these sellers are amateur sellers. They know nothing about online business and technology. But if you do your homework then you can beat these sellers in just a couple of months.

Sample Business Plan

The online business industry has seen a lot of success stories. One such is the story of Anugya Vardhan. In this Webinar, we first talk about her journey. We get to know where she began from, and where has she reached today. After that, we create a Sample Business Plan by taking inspiration from her story.

Quick Investment and Profit Guide

One of the things you might be apprehensive about is the investment. You might not be having a clear idea as to how much initial investment is required. In this Webinar, we will go through all the modes you will have to invest in. Then, we will give you a rough idea of how much initial investment is required for starting an online business.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

We know that Business Plan and Investment just represent the tip of the iceberg. There must be many other questions as well that might be bothering you. Therefore, to clarify your doubts, we have created this Webinar. Here, we answer the 10 most Frequently Asked Questions. They will surely give you a clearer picture.

Our Services

What we are providing?

Video Based Tutorial

From scratch to expert level, we have 35+ walkthrough video chapters to teach you complete private label business in easy steps.


Our world class mentorship plan helps you to get quick answer to each of your query. We have dedicated mentors for instant support during working hours.


Get access of our tools which are designed exclusively for Indian seller. Right from product selection to margin calculator, we have range of tools for your business.

PRT Service

India's very first Product Research Tool. A comprehensive service to select the most suitable product for your business. It helps you to find highest profitable margin products.

Inside Modules

About our video training modules

Module 1
A to Z of Online Marketplaces

In Module-1 we have 8 chapters. Here we discuss various online marketplaces in India. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of starting an online store with them. In this module, we will study how our entire business plan will work. Also, we'll show you the first few products which I sold. Plus, you'll know how much profit I earned from them.

Module 2
Walk You through All the Formalities

Before starting to sell online on marketplaces, there are quite a few formalities that need to be taken care of. We will discuss them in this module quite deeply. In our video instructions, we will walk you through all the registration and legal process which are mandatory. This will make your task way too quick and easier and you will be able to focus on the actual business plan.

Module 3
Select Niche & Your Very First Product

Going through 6 chapters and over 4 hours of video will provide you the complete detail about what should your niche be and how you should select your first product. We have also explained how easily you can assess the competition.

Module 4
Select Manufacturer & Order Sample Product

In this module, we will be discussing how you should select a manufacturer for the shortlisted products. We will discuss several different parameters which will allow you to pick the best manufacturer and then select the top products of these manufacturers.

Module 5
Important Pre-launch Steps & Inside Technology

Once you are ready to sell your products, you should know a little bit about some prelaunch steps. For example - How do the Amazon search, keywords, etc. work? These steps will help you understand how you can expose your products to a large number of visitors.

Module 6
Last Minute decisions and Checklist

Before going live and listing your products, there are a few last minute decisions that can influence your sales and order processing. We will be discussing these as well. These discussions will help you out to take the final decisions before going live on marketplaces.

Module 7
Go Live & Start Selling Online

In module 7 we will show you how you can list your products on marketplaces, how you can attract more visitors and how you can manage their reviews. Also, we will discuss how you can create different discount options and finally how you should process an order.

Advance Videos
Final module with advance level videos

In this final module, you will have access to advance level of videos. They will include content like how to sell a product first and then buy it or how you can increase your portfolio with multiple products or how you can manage a large inventory?

Tools & Templates
Our member tools and templates

Our members also have exclusive access to several tools and templates which even I use. These tools will help you to calculate product landing cost and the profit margin. Additional to that, you can use our tools to write killer product descriptions.

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Our Pricing

Choose the Right Plan to Start your Amazon Business

Business Rocket
  • Dashboard Access
  • Training modules access 1 Years
  • Mentor's support for 1 year
  • Tool section access 1 year
  • 1 Month access - Product Research Tool
  • 7 days refund policy
  • List of 40 Handpicked products/month
Business Takeoff
  • Dashboard Access
  • Training modules access 1 Years
  • Mentors support for 1 year
  • Tool section access 1 year
  • 3 Month access - Product Research Tool
  • 7 days refund policy
  • List of 40 Handpicked products/month
Business Blastoff
  • Dashboard Access
  • Training modules access 1 Years
  • Mentors support for 1 year
  • Tool section access 1 year
  • 6 Month access - Product Research Tool
  • 7 days refund policy
  • List of 40 Handpicked products/month

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Questions and Answers

Who Can Join AMZ Blast?

Anyone who is 18+ and looking for a new online business or seeking a new stream of side income can use AMZ Blast to start the own business on a reputed online marketplace. Selling high-profit product with your branding is totally new in India. Follow our instructions and start to generate revenue from the very first month of business.

What I will get with AMZ Blast ?

With AMZ Blast, you get access to 8 video based modules. Each module has different chapters explaining everything from start to end. You will also have access to our tools and templates which I and all my team members are also using.

Can I start as Part-timer or I have to go full time?

We always suggest our students to start as a part-timer and just with one product which can return them high margins. Once established, you can start to fetch 50K every month with one project. Then you can conveniently add another product and increase your inventory.

How much return I can expect after 3 months?

I can't give any exact figure as there are a lot of factors which can influence your earnings. but we average we see that people reach to 1 Lakh-3 Lakh easily in first 3-4 months of starting the business.

Isn't too much crowd there, lots of people online?

It really doesn't matter, you will never jump in RAT RACE as product you were selling will be high profit products with your own brand and your product will always fetch much more buyer then other sellers. Keep in mind, its just starting in India and this is perfect time to start as gurus and expecting sell growth of minimun 40% every year.

How much would I need to purchase my inventory?

I always suggest starting with a small investment. I suggest people to go for products worth INR 5,000-30,000 on their initial inventory. I invested INR 10,000 on my first product and got back my investment in the first week only. If budget is not an issue and your goals are more ambitious, then you can go for any amount of investment.

What exactly is a private labeled product?

Have you seen any product package where it mentioned that this product is manufactured by XYZ company and marketed by ABC company? Now that is a private labelled product. One company is making the product and another one is selling it with its own brand. We will find manufacturers who will provide us products with our brand and we will be selling those products without jumping into the online rat race.

Is it legal and genuine business?

Yes, it is a regular business. You buy products, sell them and make a profit. The only difference is, here you sell products online and your reach is entire India. We will explain you all the legal formalities that you need to complete.

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