The sole focus is to impart knowledge, skills and abilities to boost up your performance.

We have categorised our video modules as per the investment capacity into 3 slabs ranging from 10000 - 1lakh.

Some of the features

Easy learning process with 8 Modules that have 70+ video chapters.

All the videos are in hindi and english both. You can watch videos in both language.

Step-wise training with easy examples of product selection.

Watch these video tutorials anytime 24*7 for a year.

Complete understanding of how to launch first product.

Lots of strategies and tips to be on best seller.

अब हमारे सारे वीडियो चैप्टर हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है

What's in our video modules

Module 1: Intoduction of Marketplaces

Various marketplaces, the advantages and disadvantages of starting an on-line business with them. In this module, we will study how our entire business plan will work. Also, we'll show you the first few products which I sold. Plus, you'll know how much profit I earned from them.

MODULE 2: All the Formalities

Before starting to sell online on marketplaces, there are quite a few formalities that need to be taken care of. We will discuss them in this module quite deeply. In our video instructions, we will walk you through all the registration and legal process which are mandatory.

MODULE 3: Category and niche selection

Going through 6 chapters and over 4 hours of video will provide you the complete detail about what should your niche be and how you should select your first product. We have also explained how easily you can assess the competition. Benefits in certain categories.

MODULE 4: Retail Arbitrage

In this module get to know about Retail Arbitrage or manufacturer brand. Various parameters required for it and also a complete list of its advantages and disadvantages. Also, this module will provide details about the product sourcing, its selection and how to go live.

MODULE 5: Neutral brand

It is the right choice when just want to try your luck with the minimum possible investment. What is a neutral brand all its benefits and drawbacks. How you can start with less investment.

MODULE 6: Private Label

Explanation of investment in your own private label product. Right from how to select the product and assess competition. A complete detail of the parameters to be taken care of, all its pros and cons.

Module 7: Advanced Videos

This module includes content like how to sell a product first and then buy it or how you can increase your portfolio with multiple products or how you can manage a large inventory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Training provides you a complete step by step development program to boost up your skills and knowledge for efficient working. A proper guidebook from scratch to expert level to teach you complete process of online business in easy steps.

Sorry to say that these modules can not be downloaded, but can be watched online as many times you want on your dashboard area.

This training Program is divided into 7 modules and over 70 chapters which are of approximately 25 hours.

Yes, of course the videos are updated according to the advancement or any changes anywhere with time.

Yes, of course you can access all the video modules on your smartphones.

After training, I learn How to use the Amz Blast PRT tool and Keyword Research. I selected a lot of good products and after that Mentors are guided me to choose the particular high sales products.

Biswajeet Sahoo


Video modules covers all the process related to Documentation, Process of product selection and Handling AMZ Blast tools, Import Process, Brand Creation. It cover all your basic FAQ’s.

Arvind Vangujar


When I started following their valuable tips from their tutorial videos and especially from trained & experienced mentors, I experienced a magical increase in my sells in a very short period.

Aftab Ahmed Ansari