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Get your sales statistics in a blink of an eye with our unique tools. Be aware of the present competition. How it works check right here and get started with the access to full sales data analysis.

We make amazon's product research easy...​

A brief idea about our tools


Our Product Research Tool or PRT gives you indebth information of almost one million available data. Using our PRT you can easily check product rank, its matrix, EMS (Estimated Monthly Sales), EMR (Estimated Monthly Revenue), Product listing quality and lot of other data.


We have just introduced our Product Tracker which reveal daily product inventory, sales, buy button owner, price with pin point accuracy. WE CLAIM OUR PRODUCT TRACKER IS WORLD’S MOST PRECISED PRODUCT TRACKER.


This single field tool is all you need for your complete keyword research related  stuff. Whether you are listing your product or researching products and niche this tool brings all important keywords live from


Our Chrome Extension allows you to make competition assessment of any niche which you want to launch. It allows you to check product data on fly and right on your Chrome browser. Check the competition of any product/keyword and find less competitive product to start with.

"After going through all tutorials and getting my doubts cleared continuously and getting helped in product short listing by AMZBlast team I felt more confident and supported. One of my product which was shortlisted with AMZblast's help is now "No 1 Top seller" , Its another matter that its hijacked by 3-4 other big players and I am working on to get them vacated."
Rajesh Bhatia
AMZ Blast Member

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