Profitable Products

We make product research super easy.

Trending Product Tool


✓ Gain access to international trending products for high margins.

✓ Secure early access to products for maximum profit and less competition.

✓ Access valuable content creation resources like Facebook and YouTube ads.

✓ Convenient links to Amazon India and India Mart suppliers.

Suggested Product Tool

✓ Receive product suggestions based on Amazon India’s best-sellers.

✓ Access comprehensive data: EMS, EMR, rank, category, product picture, and ASIN.

✓ Search with keywords and apply filters like EMS, rank, and categories.

✓ Find suppliers with supplier tags for easy sourcing. 



✓ Track daily inventory and sales of your competitors.

✓ Optimize your strategy with insights into competitor performance.

✓ Easily monitor stock availability and sales data.

✓ Input ASIN numbers to start tracking competitor products.

Hand-Picked Product List


✓ Say goodbye to product selection hassles with our Hand-Picked Product List tool.

✓ We select 40 potential products monthly, backed by Amazon data.

✓ Get detailed information like Estimated Monthly Sales, Revenue, ASIN Numbers, and more.

✓ Make informed decisions and start selling with confidence.


✓ Access essential keywords, CPC, and insights with our keyword tool.

✓ Ideal for listing creation, backend optimization, and Amazon ads.

✓ Live data from for the most relevant keywords.

✓ Detailed columns include keyword relevance, search volume, CPC, and paid competition.



✓ Assess competition in any niche with our Chrome Extension.

✓ Check product data on the fly, right from your browser.

✓ Find less competitive products and keywords to start with.

✓ Make informed decisions about your product launches.

At the beginning, I have gone through all the video modules at least 3-4 times and try to understand all the basic process and formalities. Their product-research-tool and chrome-extension are also very helpful to track down the potential products. 



AMZ Blast tools are Great using them you can find the products and improve the sales.

Arvind Vangujar


There are many tool websites in the market, but Amzblast shows you the right direction with your experience and mentorship. Recently I listed my brand product on Amazon. I am thankful to Amzblast.

Ahmed Ali