Product Tracker

Monitor product inventory and sales using our Product Tracker

We make amazon's product tracking easy...​

Highlights of our product tracking

Track Stock And Sales Everyday 

Get to know the complete  inventory and sales of a particular ASIN. This tool reveals everything ranging from its complete inventory, its sales, price and its rank. Also we give data of the different buy button holders selling the same product.

✓ Can track even a product having 1M stock.

✓ Reveal inventory even of different buy button holders.

✓ Data updated everyday.

Bypass 999 And Order Limitation

Currently the tools available in India neither can bypass the products having more than 999 inventory nor can check if there is order limitation. Our tool does it all and give you the exact figures.

✓ This tracker provides a data range.​

✓ Exact sales tracked direct from amazon.

Interactive GUI 

Our graphical representation makes understanding easy. We also provide a data range and even the statistics can be customised as per the requirement.

✓ Can view stock and sales of 60days.

✓ Select stock wise, sales wise, rank wise and even seller wise.

✓ Simple and effective customisation.

Export Data Easily 

The complete Tracking allows you to export data into Excel and JPEG that can even get printed and also can be used  for further references. 

✓ Can be used for future reference.

✓ Easily maintains records.