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Find the best products to sell on amazon. AMZ Blast’s Chrome extension makes it super easy and quickly lets you access through competition and provides you the list of products that fits your requirement for the initial start-up.

Competition Assessment Within Seconds....

Access everything under one place.

Directly Login into Chrome Extension on the same page to discover it all.

Provides you figures to crack easily.

Beat the competition to bag top position. Get to know about the weak listings.

Average of reviews and ratings.

Mean values demonstrated both in graphical and numerical form.

Everything at your finger tips

Complete description including brand, price, total sales, total revenue and many more....

Know your competitors

Provides the outlook of the shortcomings of their listing beneficial for your own product.

Get Important Statistics

We also provide the average of all the data for that particular keyword.

"I would strongly recommend AMZ Blast. They have lot of useful tools like keyword search tool, description editor and a lot more. I feel it is worth the money as the membership continues year long with a free access to videos and tools. As a beginner we get lot of support from mentors they will guide us definitely if we need there support. Vikash takes it personally and clear issues on phone if needed. Thank You AMZ Blast" Thank you,
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