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Chrome Extension

Find the best products to sell on amazon. AMZ Blast’s Chrome extension makes it super easy and quickly lets you access through competition and provides you the list of products that fits your requirement for the initial start-up.

Competition Assessment Within Seconds....

Use directly on amazon's page

Competition assessment.

Product information on fly.

How Chrome Extension Works

Access everything under one place.

You can directly Login into Chrome Extension from amazon’s page and find the competition for a particular keyword. This makes it more easy, simple and time-saving. Also, you can know about the sale figures of these products.

✓ Direct login from amazon page.

✓ Saves time.

Beat the competition and hold a top position.

This tool lets you know about the listings which are easy to crack. You can easily target and crack these and be on top positions which increases your visibility.

✓ Beat competition.

✓ Be on the top.

Assess product in-depth information

Chrome extension allows you to know the complete description including brand, for how much the product is selling on amazon, total sales, the revenue it is generating, its reviews, ratings and many more….

✓ Exact figures.

✓ Assessment made easy.

 How competition Is there or not, what are the sales rank. EMS and EMR, which we go through or not. By the use of Chrome extension that is newly launched in the dashboard area..

Rohan Waghmare


Tools like tracker, research tool that have information about sales movement. I would suggest sellers to be part of AMZBlast to guide you with amazon business with all steps.

Gotam Sharma


If you want to start eCommerce business or You are already ecom seller and you want to grow your business then AMZ Blast is the Best platform for you. AMZ Blast tools are Great using them you can find the products and improve the sales.

Arvind Vangujar


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