Additional Tools

User friendly tools beneficial for promotion and to get the overall details for listing the product.

pin point margin calculation

Exclusive calculator that evaluates the exact amount and per unit landing price.

Build up your own inventory

Hunt for product niche and multiply your sales. Add more, earn handsome.

Better product description writeups

Have your own description editor and make your listing look impressive.

Rank High improve product matrix

Frame your own URL and advertise your product and amplify your sales.

Super URL

You can even strengthen your product matrix using relevant keywords further you can even promote your product using our Super URL specially designed for boosting your product ranking and enables people to directly land on your product page.

✓ Strengthen product matrix.

✓ Easily promote the product.

✓ Direct landing on product page.

Niche Suggestion List

You can even enhance your inventory and boost up your sales using our Niche Suggestion List. This provides you niche suggestion, in case you are confused about niche to start with? Our tool will reveal several niche idea which are hard to catch without a deep dive into amazon.

✓ Reveal number of niche ideas that are selling good on amazon.

✓ Lists several product combination which people are buying.

Margin Calculator

Let’s say you are importing a product from China and are unsure about the landing cost per unit We have margin calculator that calculates the total landing cost including custom duty and shipping cost both in dollars and rupees.

✓ Can calculate total product landing cost till your door.
✓ Simply add the details and select the category your product belong to, that’s all.

Description Editor

It allows you to write and edit the complete details about your product and how it will look on amazon. Which makes you product page look rich.

✓ Format your complete listing with various options.
✓ Enhances product visibility on amazon mobile app.

Pickup Delivery Tool

We also provide you a special tool that enables you to know about the Pickup and delivery zone available PAN India and get started with the shipment type either by amazon or by yourself. Simply add your area pin code and know about the transportation services amazon provides in that particular area or not.

✓ Get to know whether ATS service is available or not.
✓ You can plan for other shipping methods.



FBA Calculator

This might be running all over your brain that how much amazon will charge for selling you products isn’t it. FBA Calculator will do that too with this you will be able to know how much will amazon deduct from the price and finally how much will come to you pocket.

✓ Get to know your total earning per unit.
✓ Calculates both fees for Fulfillment by amazon and fulfillment by merchant itself.

I have only one product at the start and after following all video modules and the keyword technique ,super URL, Product research tool, Description Editor all the stuff helped me so much to Rank on 1st page on product what I am selling and 1st month sale was great as a new seller.

Tarak Anikar