Buy UPC Codes For eCommerce Platform

Instant UPC codes For Amazon & Flipkart

UPC stands for Universal Product Code. UPC is the barcode present on every retail product.

To make your listing live on amazon, you require UPC codes.

Steps to Purchase UPC code

Watch video and click on button below the video.

Write down how much UPC you want to purchase.

Pay through wallet, debit card, credit card, google pay and other.

Where to Use UPC in Amazon Seller Central

Login to your Seller central and Click on Manage Inventory and then Add a product.

If you want to list your product on amazon you require Product ID. For Product ID you can use GTIN exemption, EAN, ISBN and UPC

  • UPC is Universal Product Code and is similar to barcode to identify products on amazon database. 
  • You can’t list product without Product ID. So make sure you have any Product ID’s. UPC is the best and easy way to list products.
  • In Vital info, you need to select UPC and enter codes that are provided by us. That’s it. Your listing will be live in 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

UPC is universal product code. For listing your product on amazon you require Product ID. One of the Product ID is UPC and we provide instant UPC codes as soon as you made the payment. Without Product ID your product won’t be live on amazon.

With 1 UPC you can list 1 product. IF you want to list variants for same product then you need 2nd UPC.

For different products you need different UPC.

Yes, if you’re jumping into someone else’s listing then also you need UPC. 

Apply for GTIN exemption in that case. CLICK HERE to watch video about how to list product with GTIN. 

We’ve purchased UPC from USA repository in bulk. Our UPC codes are used by sellers that have just started or have 1 -2 brands.

If you are manufacturer of product and you want to sell offline, online please apply GS1 department. GS1 are authorised for registered barcode and they have subscription renewal based.