Start Business on Amazon this Diwali In 2021

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Why You should immediately start business on Amazon During Festival Season

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Vishal Dhumawat, Maharashtra

From 0 to Manufacturing with 40 Staff

Thank you very much to AMZ Blast, Your guidance help me to achieve my goal.I started my own business. 


Pijush Das



Hitting 1 Crore every month

Starting with one product just over a year age, now we have a dozen of products with monthly revenue in 7-digit figure. 

Thanks, Vikash and his dedicated team. 



10 Lakh every month with just 1 product

Launching my product along with studying in a college was very easy for me with the help of AMZ Blast. I would like to thank AMZ blast for their major contribution in my journey. 



Start In Festive Season with Exclusive Offer

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Follow us and you will be able to find hundreds of products which you can sell with average 300% profit. And people will madly buy your products.


Trust me you need not more than 30 min a day and all you have to do is to seat in front of computer and check orders. You don't need to process order or ship order, these sites will do everything for you.


No there is crowd but no competition at all, 90% of seller are rookie immature seller who know nothing. Understand system and crush them in couple of months.


Ok no more excuse. What if I say that you don't even require to keep stock or products at you home or office ? Yes these site will pick products from you and keep in their warehouse and ship it on every order.

Step-wise Training. Exceptional Tools. Expert Guidance.

AMZ Blast provides everything that you need in one place.

Business Training

With over 70+ videos both in Hindi and English you will learn entire business process. Videos are designed considering different investment slab so whatever investment you have you will find proper training material.

Product Selection

We have different tools that will help you to find best product for your business. In case if you still wont find product then you can use our "40 Product List" which we provide to our each member.

Help on Every Step

We have a great team of mentors which will help you on every steps whenever you need our Help. With mentorship you will get free access to mentor area where you can raise query and we will be happily answer those.

Easy way to find profitable product

Exceptional Tools to Make Business process Easy

Filter best product

Product research tool, loaded with all the datas to filter best product

Track any product

Get product sales of any product by tracking its daily inventory and its movement.

Competition Assessment

Use our Chrome Extension to assess competition in any product and niche

Keyword That Matters

Helps in listing and finding niches

Also Get 40 Hand Picked Products Every Month

Usually we provide 40 products every month to our members but due to Festive Season we are going to provide 100 product list.

Simple Product with Huge Business

Sellers are selling simple products and generation huge profit. Take a look at few products below. Your can find similar products with our help and start selling products.

Shirt Organiser

Monthly Sales: 3935 PCS
Monthly Revenue: 39 Lakhs

Car Brush

Monthly Sales : 1696 PCS
Monthly Revenue : 12 Lakhs

Biker Glove

Monthly Sales : 8500 PCS
Monthly Revenue : 25 Lakhs

Shaker Bottle

Monthly Sales : 28000 PCS
Monthly Revenue : 6 Lakh

Laptop Table

Monthly Sales: 6896 PCS
Monthly Revenue : 58 Lakhs

Yoga Mat

Monthly Sales : 1458 PCS
Monthly Revenue : 51 Lakhs


Monthly Sales : 3280 PCS
Monthly Revenue: 29 Lakhs

Hair Straightener

Monthly Sales : 1832 PCS
Monthly Revenue : 45 Lakhs

We helped over 2500+ sellers to achieve dreams.

Look how much our members are generating every month. Next it can be you ..





Hemant Jain






After with AMZ blast, I understood everything very fast and with the help of Vikash sir I chose my first product.

I was trying to be a online seller since a year ago, but due to lack of proper knowledge and product information, i failed again and again. 

Thanks AMZ Blast

Sumit Vijapure


Student who became Best Sellers within couple of months

After joining the AMZ blast in month of November I watched all the modules out there. The HEAD OF AMZ BLAST VIKAS SIR helped me a lot in clearing my all the doubts. KRITIKA MAM also played an important role in establishing my business.

Rohan Waghmare


When I started following AMZ Blast valuable tips from their tutorial videos and especially from trained & experienced mentors, I experienced a magical increase in my sells in a very short period.

One day while searching for some help, I watched some videos of Mr.Vikash on YouTube and got it interesting so went into depth and finally booked a call back on AMZ Blast website. These all happened due to their fantastic tools for research and mentorship.

Aftab Ahmed Ansari


With the Help of AMZ Video modules I learn very useful thing that help me to achieve success in my very first product which double my confidence.

I started my Amazon business 2-3 months ago with one product. I gain lots of knowledge with the help to AMZ blast.This is just a first stop of my journey but I am very confident that with the help of AMZ blast I grow very fast in this business. Worth it to spent money on AMZ blast.

Raj Patel


The step by step guidance , the video tutorials and the support team helped me out to understand the online selling in a better way indeed.

One night surfing internet i came across AMZ blast and without wasting the time i get the subscription. I joined AMZ blast six months ago this year .  The great keyword research tool followed by PRT and the Chrome extension within the first week of launching my product was ranking and soon it became the Amazon choice. Go for AMZ blast if you really desire to achieve something vast and huge in Online selling business.

Mazid Khan


Thank you very much to AMZ Blast, Your guidance help me to achieve my goal.

The PRT Tool is an excellent one. Last year i joined AMZ blast when i was searching to start online business. All the tools provided are best in market and very easy to use, with accurate information, especially product research tool, FBA calculator, description editor, keyword research etc. Within period of 10 months i have successfully listed 10 products.

Monish Mamtani

Madhya Pradesh

The result is – My dream became true. I dreamed about having a business which runs 24/7 , low risk , global level ,scalability and of course profitable.

I found Amzblast during my research for some Amazon seller tools tailored to Indian market and landed on one of the video series from Mr.Vikash founder of Amzblast . Immediately I took a paid membership and gone through all the video training series.I strongly recommend Amzblast for those who want to jump in to a sustainable and attractive online business from Amazon.

Mujab Sirajudeen


Video training modules and mentorship area of amzblast are superb. They guided me each time when i was stuck. Growth of my online business is the result of knowledge,support and tools provided by them. I think starting an online business in India without joining vikash sir training program is just like as “walking in the jungle with no light”. Absolutely fantastic experience. Thanks to AMZ Blast.

Nikhil Gupta

New Delhi

So, Let’s Re-Cap the Benefits Of Joining AMZ Blast

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions you might have about the AMZ Blast

Who Can Join AMZ Blast?

Anyone who is 18+ and looking for a new online business or seeking a new stream of side income. Selling high profit product with your branding is totally new in India. Follow our instruction and start to generate revenue from first month of business.

What I will get with AMZ Blast ?

With AMZ Blast you get access of 8 video based modules and each of module have different chapters explaining everything from start to end. You will also have access of our tools and templates which I and all my team members are using.

How much would I need to purchase my initial inventory?

I always suggest to start with small investment, I suggest people to start will small budged like INR 20,000-50,000 on your initial inventory. If budget is not an issue and your goals are more ambitious then you can go for any amount of investment.

How much return I can expect after 3 months?

I can’t give any exact figure as there are lot of factors which can influence your earning but we average we see that people reach to 1 Lakh-3 Lakh easily in first 3-4 months of starting business. Your returns will always depend on sales you generating + margin you have with each product.

Can I start as Part-timer or I have to go full time?

We always suggest our members to start as part-timer and just with one product which can return them high margin. Once established and you started to fetch good revenue every month with one product then add another product and increase inventory.

Is it legal and genuine business?

Yes, it is a regular business. You buy products, sell it and make profit, only difference is here you sell products online and your reach is entire India. We will explain you all the legal formalities that you need to complete.

Isn't too much crowd there, I see lot of people selling online?

It really doesn’t matter at this stage cause India is a huge market and expanding day by day. Follow our instruction and you will never jump in RAT RACE , this is perfect time to start as gurus are expecting sales growth of minimum 25% every year.

What exactly is a private labeled product?

Have you seen any product package where it mentioned that this product is manufactured by XYZ company and marketed by ABC company, now that is private label product. One company making product and another one selling it with its own brand. We will find manufacturers who will happily do branding on products and we will be selling those products without jumping into online rat race.

Do you help in getting GST number?

GSTIN(Goods and service tax identification number) is mandatory to sell products in amazon. AMZ Blast have established a dedicated GST desk for all our members which will help members to easily get GST number from us. Contact us on gstdesk@amzblast.com to know more about it.


How Do I contact AMZ Blast team?

We provide you chat and call support. Our working hours Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm. You can contact team on these numbers + 91 8447649836, +916230448632, +918219085163.


About the Founder

– Vikash Tiwary –

Vikash has over 10 years of experience of SaaS and with combination of his extensive seller’s experience he can be best guy to lead your marketplace journey. Loves to work on Amazon API & products research. Innovative mind is always hunting for something new.

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If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 7 days of buying AMZ Blast, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. Just email us at hi@amzblast.com and every penny will be gladly refunded to you within the first 7 Days. NOTHING could be more fair than that!