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With this you can frame up your mind as you will have answer to all your doubts.

We ensure it will be knowledgeable and informative before you start selling on marketplaces.This will include -


First and foremost, we will be discussing that why should one have his own business some advantages and brief information about Private Label Products.


This day we will be making you aware of certain do’s and don’ts while selecting the category to proceed with. Category and niche selection plays an important role in success of your business.


Last but not the least, here you will be trained about how to find the manufacturer for your selected product, list it on amazon and go live.


Secondly, we will help you to know what are the legal formalities for doing business on marketplace. In addition you will know how to get proprietorship, how to apply for IEC ?


Furthermore you will know complete method of how to select a potential product and assess its present competition which will allow you to make a choice regarding your further move.

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We hope you will like it. Let us participate in your success as alone you can walk but together we can fly ....

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It provide us more than one million data which is very helpful to understand the business. All the tools are remarkable.I would suggest all the startup to enroll there name at AMZ Blast because no one will teach you how to break the jack-pot.”
Pijush Das
West Bengal
I think starting an online business in India without joining vikash sir training program is just like as “walking in the jungle with no light”. Absolutely fantastic experience. Thanks to amzblast.com.”
Nikhil Gupta
New Delhi
After going through all tutorials and getting my doubts cleared continuously and getting helped in product short listing by AMZBlast team I felt more confident and supported. One of my product which was shortlisted with AMZblast’s help is now “No 1 Top seller” , Its another matter that its hijacked by 3-4 other big players and I am working on to get them vacated. Thank you AMZ Blast.
Rajesh Bhatia
Dwarka (Delhi)
I am a member of amz blast from past 8 months or so 4 months back i launched my first product on amazon. I am generating 8-10 sales a day consistently after a month of Launch. Even i exhausted my 500 bag stock in 3 months and i am really happy about it and grateful to amz blast team. Success showed me that selling online can be profitable once you have right mentors.
Dhananjay Sharma
After joining with AMZ blast, I understood everything very fast and with the help of Vikash sir I chose my first product within few days. The tricks and Technics given are like a treasure, its gathering of knowledge from years of experience. Most important among all is the attitude of Vikash sir nd AMZ blast team. They are always happy and eager to help me even at silly things. Thanks AMZ……
Sumit Vijaypure
I wanted to start something on my own, and came across online selling on Youtube. Eager to learn but couldn’t get satisfactory sources.Then I came across AMZ blast and took the subscription. The video modules are really great. I have learnt the entire process of selling on Amazon through this. With mentor help, I successfully launched my first product. It is just 3 months and its doing really great.