Keyword Research Tool

Quickly find out bunch of relevant keywords that plays an important role in listing your product.

Bringing Keywords Directly from Amazon

We claim it is the best as we are fetching direct data from amazon India. We don't give data from any database or API.

Digging upto 3-tier of keywords

Our tool provide keywords up to 3 tiers it means you wont be missing any relevant keyword related to your product.

Easily copy and export keywords

You can easily copy and export keywords for your listing that will save your time and lessen your work load.
Find, List & Promote Your Products

One Click Keywords Tool

List your product with relevant keywords

To get your product visibility you need to list products with exact keywords that buyers are using to find products on Since we fetch result directly from amazon so your product get higher visibility with keywords provided by our tool

Promote products using relevant keywords

For amazon promotion, fetch and use most relevant keywords that matters most for your product. This improve your product CTR (click through rate) and also help to achieve best result with minimum budget.

✓ Fetch list of keywords related to your product & use for promotion.
✓ Improve your CTR & promotion matrix.
✓ Improve promotion cost as you don’t pay for irrelevant keywords.

Find Niche Ideas and Products

Are you confused about products or niche to start with? Simply drop a keyword and our tool will reveal several niche and product which are hard to catch without deep dive into amazon.

Simple yet most powerful keyword research tool available for Amazon India. Quickly find out a bunch of relevant keywords that plays an important role in listing your product and make it visible to most of the audience.
Vikash T.
AMZ Blast