Product Research Tool

Our Product Research Tool provides you details regarding categories, reviews, price, star rating, the number of sellers, sales rank and many more filters to narrow down your search to find the perfect product.

A comprehensive service to select the most suitable product for your business and the present market scenario.

Find best selling products in single click.

36 lakh data in 22 categories

Filters data rank wise, price, review, rating, ems and emr.

More Features of Product Research Tool....

Explore Amazon’s Database On A Single Page

We are providing almost 1 million product data across 20 different categories which you can access from single page. Exceptionally amazing filters help you to funnel out the search according to your requirement.

✓ We update product database twice in a week. No other service provide such fast data update.

✓ We have about 1 million product information.

✓ Indepth information such as sales and revenue also available.


Over A Dozen Filters To Find Best Products.

Our tool makes your search more easy with around a dozen of filters let it be Price, Rank, Ratings, Reviews and many more. You can set one or multiple condition and narrow down best products for your business.

✓ All the filters with range value input

✓ Finding product according to your parameters.

Find Top Money Making Products.

You can easily access the products that are selling hot and earning high. Also, you can figure out other beneficial opportunities to succeed with.

✓ Lets you go deeper and choose from a wider range.

✓ Get to know about less competitive listings.

Observe the entire Brand inventory.

In a single click using this Product Research Tool you can easily discover out the complete inventory of a particular brand.

✓ Know about the various products of that particular brand.

✓ This will help you to target niche.

✓ Helps in your future plan. 

Likely Private Label

A special feature that filters out all the private label products and streamline your targets.

✓ You can know about the products which are being sold with private label on amazon

✓ Having a better quality you can compete with these too.


Listing Quality

Appropriately classified the products that provides detailed listing features and the potential required to work on.

✓ Our tool rates the products that shows you how hard it is to crack the listings on amazon.

✓ You can easily target the weak ones.

Direct link to the manufacturer

Manufacturer’s details are just a click away. Complete details for both India based and China based manufacturer.

✓ This tool allows you to directly land on manufacturer’s page.

✓ Saves your time.

Useful tool for starting your business – Support, training is all you need to be successful. If you are a newcomer or you are planning to start your eCommerce business then Amzblast is one-stop solution for everything you need to know Getting sales from the 1st day of my business.

Nikhil Pal


After joining AMZ Blast again till the pandemic situation, I didn’t sold anything on April and May month. I worked hard on getting proper training and videos which provided by AMZ Blast on those 2 months. Till date I got 115 sales in last few months. Last two months sales was more then 45 sales generated.



Being a scientist and living abroad for research, it’s quite difficult to engage in a business back home! AMZ blast made the dream comes true. At the beginning, I have gone through all the video modules at least 3-4 times and try to understand all the basic process and formalities. Their product-research tool and chrome-extension are also very helpful to track down the potential products.