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Let me tell you about your first listing you have done a great job. Your product images are very good and you have included proper keywords. I can see that you got buy button also. This is good news because you have just uploaded your listing on 18th of Nov and you are doing FBM which is quite difficult to get.

Consider these points and make changes in your listing accordingly.

1)Some of the keywords you can include in your title, bullet points and lower area. You can also take help from our newly launched keyword research tool.

towel bar holder
towel rod for bathroom stainless steel
towel rod 18 inches
towel rod stainless steel

As people also searched for towel rod as well as a towel holder.

2)It is suggested to get some quick friendly sells and reviews to get some early matrix which can help to get improve product visibility.

3)You can make set of towel bar and create new listing.

E.g. towel rod set of 3, towel bar set of 5 etc.

Let me know if you need help with anything else!

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