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Reply to How to follow buyers for review?

Hello again,

Let’s first talk about your product listing. The first thing you have done an awesome job. We feel happy that our video modules have given you such information. I would recommend you to make some few changes accordingly:

1)Image quality is good. But your first image be with white background so that in amazon search page it is shown clear. So what you can do you can make your 6th image as first or I am providing you reference of to see this first image. Don’t copy it. It’s for reference.


2)Let me tell you that when you open amazon app in mobile phone then lower area is shown above and then picture of products. So make lower area with the heading and add more points to it.

3)You can also make its set like set of 2, set of 4. Create new listing by using UPC code and requset Amazon to merge it.

I’m right here if you need anything else!

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