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>>>Hey Mohanrajan

Hope you are doing fine.

See we know that sometimes difficult to find manufacturer that’s why we suggest you find multiple manufacturers and negotiate with them. You need to spend some time to find the right manufacturer of the products.

About jewellery, you are talking about. We don’t suggest it because you require a huge inventory of 100-200 pieces. There is very difficult to say that out of 100 pieces of earrings which will get sold. Let’s say if your one of the earings get sold and people love it. Then what if the manufacturer doesn’t build the same piece.

The two problem with jewellery is :
1)Require huge inventory.
2)Manufacturer doesn’t build same piece again.

We expect that you should at least shortlist few products. As when you go for product research then you require to spend some time finding product, manufacturer, discussing price and shipment charges and based on that you calculate margins. Even if you shortlist few then we can discuss and finalize one for you. Don’t get confused. You can follow these steps to know more.

1)Select the product from eBook or PRT.
2)Give mentors for review.
3)Select multiple manufacturers and negotiate with them.
4)Calculate your margin.
5)Order sample.

We have provided eBook of 20 potential products of December. You can select any of the products and give us for review. Also by today evening, we are releasing other 20 potential products list of December.

Link to December month eBook:

If you run into any other issues at all, feel free to reach out to me, I’d be more than happy to help!
Have a great day ?

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