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I wanted to start something on my own, and came across online selling on Youtube. Eager to learn but couldn’t get satisfactory sources. Then I came across AMZ blast and thought to get the subscription. The video modules are really great. I have learnt the entire process of selling on Amazon through their video module. The AMZ blast team is really very helpful and always available when you need. With their help, I successfully launched my first product. It is just 3 months that I have started and its doing really great.  And there are a lot to go!!!



Being a scientist and living abroad for research, its quite difficult to engage in a business back home! AMZ blast made the dream comes true. Through their excellent video modules and great mentorships, process to set up business become much easier. It’s been over a year that we have joined AMZBlast. At the beginning, I have gone through all the video modules at least 3-4 times and try to understand all the basic process and formalities. Their product-research-tool and chrome-extension are also very helpful to track down the potential products. Starting with one product just over a year age, now we have a dozen of products with monthly revenue in 7-digit figure. Thanks, Vikash and his dedicated team. Hope fully we meet one day!



AMZ blast team is very much supportive and clears each and every doubt. I feel so lucky i found amz blast at right time. I know the head of AMZ blast Vikas sir since a year and i am especially thanking for making these excellent tools. without you it is very hard to achieve the success so i feel proud to recommend AMZ blast.

Pawan Bhambure


I would strongly recommend AMZ Blast. They have lot of useful tools like keyword search tool, description editor and a lot more. I feel it is worth the money as the membership continues year long with a free access to videos and tools. As a beginner we get lot of support from mentors they will guide us defnietly if we need there support. Vikas takes it personally and clear issues on phone if needed. Thank You AMZ Blast”

Thank you.



I would also like to mention that illustrative techniques and simple and lucid content provided by Kritika mam and vikas sir were really amazing. Also Kritika mam (being the life saver) and rest of the team including manisha maam and bhavna maam helps a lot every now and then over the telephonic conversation and solves random queries and problems effortlessly.

Dhananjay Sharma



Questions and Answers
Who Can Join AMZ Blast?

Anyone who is above 18 years of age and looking for a new online business or seeking a new stream of side income can use AMZ Blast to start the own business on a reputed online marketplace. Selling high-profit product with your branding is totally new in India. Follow our instructions and start to generate revenue from the very first month of business.

What are the documents required ?

To start selling on amazon you simply need a bank account and GSTIN. If incase you are importing products then you also require IEC (Import Export Code). You can get these with the help of your nearby CA or if you need us to help in this matter then our CA will surely provide you all the necessary documents and registration certificates.

What services do you provide ?

AMZ Blast provides you 4 type of services that includes - 1. Training modules- a walk through process that will explain you the entire process. 2. Product Research- our data driven tools help you to figure out the beneficial product. 3. Additional Tools- these user friendly tools make your work easy and help in doing calculations for you. 4. Mentorship- Our dedicted mentors will be there to guide you whenever you are stucked somewhere.

Can I start as Part-timer or I have to go full time ?

We always suggest our students to start as a part-timer and just with one product which can return them high margins. Once established, you can start to fetch 50K every month with one project. Then you can conveniently add another product and increase your inventory.

Do you provide guarantee ?

To keep it short we don't guarantee anything but surely we provide you a pathway and will help you to the best possible from our side. It also requires hardwork and some inputs from your side. The right product makes the entire difference which we and our tools help you for sure.

What is the investment for the start up ?

The investment to start your online business completely depends upon you. Choice of product, product quantity, its price are variables that you have to fix which will in return calculate the total amount required for your initial start up. We suggest our members to start with a small quantity.

Will you find the manufacturer for me ?

Once you have shortlisted your product with the use of our tool "Chrome Extension" you can get direct link to the manufacturer both India and China based. Finalising manufacturer is a time taking process and how this is done is described in our video modules. With access to these you can get a pathway to work on.

Will you pick the products for me ?

The choice of products will be completely yours. We will help you in finalising you final product among some of your selected products on the basis of their present market hold, competition and margin. Else we provide you a list of potential products which will make your selection more easy.

How much margin will I get ?

We can't give you any exact figures as there are a lot of factors which can influence your earnings but all in all in average we see that people reach to 1 Lakh-3 Lakh easily in first 3-4 months of starting the business.

Is it legal and genuine business ?

Yes, it is a regular business. You buy products, sell them and make profit. The only difference is, here you sell products online and you are in reach of the entire country. We will explain you all the legal formalities that you need to complete before selling.

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