Influencer Marketing in 2024: Worth It or Waste of Cash?


In today’s competitive online marketplace, standing out from the crowd can feel like a constant battle. You’ve optimized your listings, run targeted ads, but your sales just aren’t exploding the way you envisioned. What if there was a secret weapon you haven’t considered?

The answer is influencer marketing!

Influencers are like trusted friends on social media, and people listen to them. Here’s why influencers can be your secret weapon:

  • They spread the word:¬†Influencers can show off your products in a cool way, reaching tons of people who might be interested in buying.
  • They build trust:¬†People trust influencers more than regular ads, so when they recommend your product, it feels genuine.
  • They spark conversations:¬†Influencers can create engaging content that gets people talking about your brand, making it more memorable.

A recent study by EY and Collective Artists Network’s Big Bang Social report revealed a powerful insight: campaigns executed through influencer platforms deliver significantly higher engagement and conversion rates compared to traditional advertising methods. This is because influencers build trust and credibility with their audiences, fostering genuine connections that traditional ads often struggle to achieve.


Key Influencer Marketing Trends in India (April 2024)

Here’s a breakdown of some key findings from a recent influencer marketing report in India:

Brands are Investing:

  • Over half (56%) of brands are dedicating more than 2% of their budget to influencer marketing.
  • Most brands (70%) plan to maintain or increase their influencer marketing spending in 2024, with many planning a 10% increase!

Shifting Strategies:

  • While fixed fees are still common (71%), brands are increasingly exploring performance-based models (29%) to ensure influencer campaigns deliver results.

Confidence and Growth:

  • Three-quarters (77%) of brands believe their agencies can handle influencer marketing campaigns effectively.

But with so many influencer platforms out there, how do you choose the right one?

Introducing AMZblast Influencer Finder

AMZblast isn’t just another influencer platform. We’re a comprehensive solution designed to empower Amazon sellers like you to leverage the magic of influencer marketing.

….whether it’s a detailed YouTube review, stunning Instagram photos, or fun and catchy Facebook Shorts and Reels, our influencers know how to grab attention and get people talking about your brand.

Here’s why AMZblast Influencers can be your secret weapon for success:

  • Targeted Reach:¬†We connect you with a curated network of verified influencers who perfectly align with your brand and target audience, ensuring your message reaches the right people.
  • Authentic Promotion:¬†Our influencers aren’t just models. They’re passionate individuals who can create engaging content that showcases your products organically, fostering trust with potential customers.
  • Streamlined Collaboration:¬†Easily manage your influencer campaigns through our user-friendly platform, saving you time and ensuring a smooth experience.


Our network of influencers is skilled at crafting engaging content on a variety of platforms, including:

  • YouTube:¬†In-depth product reviews, tutorials, and demonstrations.
  • Instagram:¬†Eye-catching photos and stories showcasing products in action.
  • Facebook Shorts & Instagram Reels:¬†Short, dynamic videos that grab attention and spark interest.

This multi-platform approach ensures your brand reaches your target audience wherever they spend their time online, maximizing the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns.”

Remember, social media marketing, when done right through the right influencer platform, can be a game-changer. Influencers, acting as trusted voices within these social spaces, can be the key to unlocking explosive growth for your Amazon business.

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