How to Make Your Online Store an Amazon Favoured Brand?


So you want to build a brand on Amazon do you? Building a brand on Amazon can boost your sales every month to an unbelievable amount. Would you like to know how? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will go over the finer points on why and how building a brand on Amazon. They will include, market research, your competition, obtaining white-label products and how to up-sell within the Amazon store. Why build a brand? Building a brand on Amazon is the right way to go when you want to create a mostly passive income. By building a brand instead of just selling one product, you have multiple advantages. Selling more than one product at a time is one of course. Repeat customers is another. But there is more to it.

Key Reasons to Build a Brand on Amazon

Amazon is Everywhere
Simply put, no company that’s selling online or want to create a brand can afford to ignore Amazon. Because even if you are not directly interacting with the marketplace giant, your customers certainly do so. It is amazing to find how widely the Amazon properties are used by both sellers and buyers. From basic items to luxury goods, Amazon is considered a trusted source for most of a consumer’s everyday to special requirements. The company that was just an online retailer a few years ago has evolved as a trend for online shoppers. Trusted by millions, it funnels your potential customers that can eventually shop from your

Best Advertising Platform
Many online sellers think investing more in creating an individual website and promoting on social media. They put great efforts and huge amount in paid marketing such as PPC, CPC, SMO and SEO. But despite of all the efforts, the results are not as promising as expected. In many cases, they are not at all promising.
Almost all brands – big or small are using Amazon (directly or indirectly) to advertise their brand. While the Amazon international is an everyday name for consumers abroad, Amazon India is also offering an amazing platform to millions of sellers and consumers find the best of their interests. Every day, thousands of products of all kinds are listed and sold by a variety of sellers.

Great Sales Channel
Most companies go with conventional approach of diversifying sales channels and reducing reliance of Amazon. What they completely ignore is the brand image they can solidify through Amazon. By registering your brand on Amazon, you help buyers clearly identify your products, build trust and gain customer loyalty.

Serious Shoppers Always Start With Amazon
People refer Google for information, but they trust Amazon for market research and purchase. A recent study conducted by BloomReach showed that 9 out of 10 consumers check Amazon for product detailing and review even if they find a better deal on any other site.

How to be a Brand that Amazon Promotes?
Now that you know why starting with Amazon is so important, let’s get into more of how you can do that.

Understand Your Brand
Many sellers randomly register on Amazon. They do not give any thought to brand building or brand identity that they can create with the marketplace. I always advise people to understand what they are planning to create. Before you rush for registering the brand, make a list of products you sell, put them wisely in specific categories, think of the demographics you want to reach and what you want to get from the efforts applied.

Audit Your Consumers
It is important for you to understand how your consumers use the Amazon ecosystem. You have to observe what they purchase, and if your product fits into the category.

Build in Blocks
Nothing happens overnight. So stay focus and build your brand gradually. Start with creating quality and connect it with your brand identity. Let consumers connect your brand with high quality and valued service.
You can use Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to get a better insight of consumers’ preferences, purchase categories and even their lifestyle such as activities they like to do and more. Using this information, you can divide your strategy in blocks to proceed.

Concentrate on Imaging and Cataloguing
Creating impressive catalogue is a thumb rule to influence buyers. Give all the information along with images in the Amazon recommended format for quicker results.

Stay Away from Brand Wagon
It is tempting to think of competing with big brands. However, that shouldn’t be your initial goal. I suggest 犀利士
you to stay calm and focus on smarter and more efficient strategies to become popular.
Another important thing to understand and follow is to concentrate on your private label brand instead of owing a franchise of any popular brand. The major drawbacks of selling a popular brand includes high franchise cost and high investment in stock with higher competition at multiple levels. This simply means almost negligible margins. Moreover, you also have to follow rude company rules. For example, many companies do not allow distributors or retailers to promote or sell their products online. That ways you automatically lose a half of the possible market.

Get Your Own Private Label
Private label doesn’t mean you have to have a manufacturing unit. It simply means you are buying directly from manufacturers and selling the products by your brand name. There are multiple ways manufacturers provide private labeling on products. So even without a manufacturing facility of your own, you can enjoy high margins with complete branding. It is easy to find manufacturers who facilitate branding for customers. Imagine, you buy directly from manufacturer, out your own label and sell the product at your desired MRP. That ways, you can save more by cutting off the middlemen profit. Moreover, with a private label you have lesser or no competition and you can set your own business rules.
When you sell a private label on Amazon, people instantly note you. It is because Amazon has strict checkpoints for all brands to ensure best of service for customers. Is there anything more needed to build your brand popular?

Be Analytical
To dig deep into consumer mind, keep analyzing your competitors. Periodically review their products, read reviews and observe every change possible. This will enable you put your best foot forward in grabbing the sales.

Encourage Reviews
Reviews are valuable. But reviews on Amazon are of vital importance. Over the years, Amazon has gained the value of a trusted marketplace. When you have positive reviews, it can impact your brand on the marketplace and otherwise. So keep asking customers for reviews.

Get More Out of Promotions and Shipping Methods
Promotions such as Lightning Deals, Price Discounts, Best Deals, Coupons and more are great options to increase sales and visibility. More reviews is a bonus. The shipping methods such as free delivery, expedite shipping and COD availability also make shoppers confident. You can use Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) to fetch most out of Amazon’s brand value for you.

Efficient Post Sales Service
Selling isn’t your ultimate goal. So the efforts continue even after a sale. Make your packaging very efficient and impressive. Protect your product with proper fillers and ensure its securely packed. You can add personal thank you note or greeting card to delight customers. Trust me, these things really pay huge.
Moreover, always be there to clear all the doubts and ensure hassle-free returns and exchange to retain their confidence.

Final Words
Amazon is ultimate but it’s very competitive. So spend some time in creating in creating your effective presence at the marketplace and sooner or later, you will find your brand in the good books of consumers. I know it’s easier said than done, that is why I always ask sellers to seek professional guidance to sail through the sea.

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