How to start an e-commerce business on Amazon?


One of the major reasons why every seller should consider doing business on Amazon is very obvious; a larger customer based can be reached compared to any other e-commerce platforms, including your own website. Excitingly, you can potentially make more money by doing less work. Amazon is far from the perfect place to sell, but it offers a large variety of advantages especially for those who wish to reach a larger and more diverse clientele, one that spends lot of money online.

However, you need a lot more than just a product to start business online. Out of all major things, the most important one is the assistance of an experienced consultant like AMZ Blast. It is only an expert wh犀利士
o can give you the proven tips and suggest you the tricks that can trigger your sell in no time.

AMZ BLAST: The best solution to start an e-commerce business
As an expert consultant and trainer with in-depth details, quality information and strong assistance to help any business go viral online, AMZ BLAST is an effective solution for all your marketplace related queries.

The video based online program of AMZ BLAST is amazing for individuals and corporate who want to start business online, intended to make a strong web presence and sky rocket their growth. With AMZ BLAST, you will find the most effective ways of creating your brand and generating a fast paced recurring income.

Below are few questions AMZ BLAST has provided solutions to:


    You don’t need to have any product to start. Follow AMZ blast and you will be able to find over hundreds of products which you can sell with the average 300% profit. And people will immensely purchase your products.


    The simple answer to this is NO. There are crowds but there are no competitions at all, 90% of sellers are rookie immature. All you need to do is to understand the system and crush them within few months.


    You don’t require a warehouse or a manufacturing unit as Amazon can store and ship products for you. Want to know how this will benefit you? You will find the answer to this and many other curious questions at AMZ Blast.



  • When a seller is adding a product to the Amazon catalog, choosing the right category is a fairly straightforward task. What if there are better ways to select the category of what you are selling? Could that increase your best sale ranking? YES!
  • While there are more than 20 categories considered open for selling on Amazon without specific permission, get familiar with the requiring approval as it will require professional selling plan. As for the quality control, Amazon limits instant listing access to certain categories. Similarly, there are few categories where we never suggest new sellers to enter initially. One of such competitive categories is clothing and apparels where you will face a direct competition with players who hold inventory of thousands of produ犀利士
    cts. We only suggest you enter in such segments if you have at least 50 different kind of products. However, then also, be prepare for a major competition.
  • Another important thing to note is not to opt for categories such as electronics where you can expect lots of returns. It is because initially more returns will affect your brand value and give a negative remark.
  • One more quality advice that AMZ BLAST gives to its clients is to choose niche categories as there is less competition and Amazon’s search engine thinks you are specialized in the section. Thus, it ensures that your products list higher whenever customers search for anything similar. For example, if you have bakery related products choose for the niche category such as cake moulds. There you will find less sellers and higher options to market yourself. We can take one more example to explain the point. If you are selling products that are interconnected such as iPhone 4S accessories, then you are increasing your chances of getting searched for the specific range. In addition to that, the customer’s trust in you will also increase and if he needs something for the same niche in future, he will look for your brand.
  • Moreover, there are certain specific categories where you can sell only after getting a permission to sell from Amazon. You will get a list of them from your sellers account.
  • If you are still unable to finalize a category, we suggest you to shortlist the most prospective ones and discuss with us. Our mentors will help you finalize the most profitable one.

Watch this video to know about category selection
Best Categories For New Seller To Start Online Business With Small Investment

2. GETTING GSTIN : Completing your legal documents is essential to start your business on Amazon. You can find a list of formal documents at Amazon’s vendor panel, however, the most important of all is your GST number and current account[For IEC] to sell online. Here is a brief of what you require to get GSTIN :

  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Any Utility Bill that shows you are doing a commercial activity in a premises
  • In case of partnership, PAN card and Voter ID card of all the partners and a partnership agreement

You can watch this video to know about how GST regime changed selling on Amazon.

How To Start Selling On Amazon & FlipKart After GST Implementation

There are two ways you can register for GSTIN: online and via paper form.

REGISTERING ONLINE: Unless you have unusual circumstances, for example if you trade internationally or part of a group, you may register for GST online at the official website. You can also get your GSTIN number from AMZ BLAST website.
In most cases, we suggest the clients to obtain the documents by themselves as the requirements for these documents vary with state. However, when clients don’t get a satisfying solution, they can ask for mentor’s help.

PAPER FORM: This is the alternative way of registering for VAT. You may register using the form available at your state’s VAT registration office or consult a Charted Accountant as they can best answer all the commercial and legal queries. Whatsoever way you choose, all newly VAT-registered businesses are required to submit their VAT returns and any VAT payments electronically.

OPENING A CURRENT ACCOUNT: To open a current account, these are the requirements needed

  • PAN card.
  • Partnership Deed (incase partnership).
  • GSTIN number
  • A cheque for opening the bank account( some bank ask saving account cancel cheque)
  • Address proof
  • ID and address proof of all partners/directors.

Almost all banks provide the facility for mobile banking, debit card and internet banking for current account users. However, they may charge a small fee for such services.

3. GETTING IEC[not required under GST regime]: An IEC (Importer Exporter Code) number is a 10 digit code number given to an exporter or importer by the regional office of the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). The documents needed while applying for these are bank account and PAN number. All other documents are generated at the time of application. No export or import can be made without getting the IEC number, unless specifically exempted. So if you are intended to sell internationally, consider getting an IEC.


Product Selection – There are some requirements to consider when selecting products to sell on Amazon.

  • Average product sale price between INR 300 and INR 2500: The selling price for your product is a very crucial thing to know and it is something you have to know before placing an order. The INR 300 and INR 2500 is the sweet spot for pricing because people will make impulse buying decision for goods in this price range. Most people won’t make any further research to buy because it is a low enough price that they can let go the small amount of money in any situation.
  • Not Dominated by any known Brand: If any specific brand dominates the market for the product you have selected, then you have to put more efforts and time in creating a space for your product. For example, if you have picked sports shoes then consider a tough competition with the category moguls such as Addidas and Nike. In such case, even if you will be giving exceptional quality at very low prices people won’t believe you as they are stereotyped.
  • Avoid Electronic Items for Initial Stages: You know most electronic items are manufactured in China using cheap quality parts. They are not reliable and can effect adversely the brand image. So, it is advisable to avoid introducing electronic products in the beginning. However, if you think you want to include, choose smaller items such as ear-phones or USB chargers as they cost less and have better shelf life. Moreover, people are not very bothersome about spending on these small things.
  • Maintain the Interconnectivity of Initial Products: Once you introduce your first product and getting approx 20 orders a day, then work on second and third products. An important thing to consider here is to ensure your products are interconnected. This will increase the sale up to 50%.
  • Lightweight: Majorly, you will want your product to be as light as possible. We suggest that anything over 4-5 pounds is too heavy, unless you want to sell the product at a higher price. When we talk about the weight of a product, I am talking about the weight of one unit. This includes the item itself, packaging and the shipping box. It will help you save on shipping and custom clearance.
  • Reviews should be less: Any product with 200 reviews or more means it is very popular and people already have better options to buy it. So choose items with less reviews but more demand.

Mentor Assessment –

There are times when sellers are unable to finalize a specific category or decide the type and quantity of products for the initial selling. In such cases and otherwise as well, AMZ BLAST suggest sellers to seek help from our experts. They know what is right and can best help you initiate your online business.

You can ask for our mentor assessment to know what you have selected is right or not and how you can choose the best option out the available ones. We will assess your business and help you with the best plan to start.


  • Once you are done with your category and which products you will going to include initially, it is time to find manufacturers and make a sample order for first stock. There are two ways you can find manufacturers; one is within your local space and the other is finding online at portals such as Alibaba and India Mart.
  • When you are assured of the quality and pricing you will be getting from your local vendor, then always choose them for supplying your inventory. However, if you want to compare a wider range, then look for Alibaba. It is the largest B2B portal for novice brands. When selecting a product, verify the details with those on mentioned in the Amazon listing. Once you have a couple of manufacturers, finalize one by checking their response rate, their Gold supplier status and recent transactions.
  • Once you order the sample product from a couple of manufacturers, compare the quality and finalize the best option.
  • You can order sample without having IEC or VAT but in this case make sure you are buying as individual not as a company. Provide all your personal detail including your name and address. Point not to miss, “Sample Product” must be written on top of attached invoice and package.


Now that you have the sample order, here are few steps you should follow to order your first stock:

  • Ask manufacturer for Performa invoice along with their banking details
  • Pay them using Paypal/wire transfer. We always suggest to choose Paypal because it is secure and fast. If you are choosing wire transfer, then consider completing certain formalities that differ from band to bank.
  • You will also need an IEC code as you will have a bulk order.
  • When you have done with the formal processing and received your stock, it is time to move on to next step.


Now that you have your stock in hand, the next step towards selling on Amazon is to list your products. Amazon has a simple and easy-to-do step by step listing process and it also provides hands-on assistance for novice sellers to ensure everything goes right and smooth. To help you better understand the listing process, we divide it in three segments that are as follows.

Pre-Listing Process –

  • Before you start listing on Amazon, you should re-check your list of required things that include your product details, high quality photos that meet Amazon standards, your decision of FBM or FBA and product packaging to name a few.

Listing Process –

  • Search for the item you want to sell. When you’ve found an exact match, click the “Sell yours here” button on the right-hand side of that page. (There can be several editions or formats of the same item. Make sure you have the correct one.) You can also sell your item by clicking Sell on the home page or by using Manage Inventory in your seller account.
  • Describe the condition of your item. Select the condition and enter any comments regarding the condition item. For example, the iPhone case is new and unused.
  • Set your price and register to collect online payment from your buyer. According to the general pricing rule, every seller is responsible for setting the prices of the products you choose to offer on You should also consider all applicable costs (including fees and shipping).
  • Select a shipping method. You can choose to ship orders to buyers yourself or use Amazon’s fulfillment services to do shipping for you. If you choose to do shipping yourself, decide whether you want to offer expedited or international shipping. When you offer a certain shipping option, you can mail your order using any carrier and method, as long as the buyer receives their package within the time frame they chose.
  • If you choose to have Amazon ship orders for you, your listings will be eligible for free shipping on orders of certain value. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees will applied.
  • Set Quantity & SKU(Stock Keeping Unit). Neither customer nor you can remember every product by name, therefore giving SKU numbers is a better practice. This is a reference number for a specific product to easily find the details.
  • Review the information you have entered carefully to make sure that your listing will appear as you want it to be. Although you can edit certain fields in your seller account once your listing has been created, other fields, such as Condition, cannot be edited. If you want to change the condition, it will be necessary to close the current listing and create another.

Post-Listing Process –

  • Once your products go live, you should focus on optimizing them for better visibility. You can choose various services offered by Amazon to feature your product on home page and at various other prominently visible properties. Simultaneously, keep talking about your products on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
  • You can also do some paid marketing but AMZ Blast suggest to avoid spending lavishly on marketing initially. Instead, we ask sellers to concentrate on the product page.
  • You can bring your products on top of Amazon search by doing few things such as updating the product title, writing informative product description and giving the most relevant search terms for each product.

Once you do the listing following the steps, you are ready to sell your products and establish your brand on Amazon.

Conclusion: When you decide to go online to start or expand your business, choose as your milestone platform. We have been working with companies and individuals for a long time and with our experience and insight, we can assure you that Amazon is what you should consider to take a major leap in your business.

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