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A proper listing is also a key point, to get a good sale. In 2021, Amazon sets some new criteria for the listing. A customer before buying anything, always check product details, images and review.

Please download checklist

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Here in the checklist, we provide you complete details of the listing products. We discussed: 

  • Title of product
  • Bullet points & Keywords
  • Product detail & Description
  • Images
  • Review and ratings
  • Sales & promotions
  1. Title of product: A title of product is also the name of the product. If you have brand name, then always start product title with your brand name.



  • You can use犀利士
    only 200 characters in title.
  • In the first 155 keyword character, Always use Major keyword ( searched by buyer on amazon)
  • Do not repeat the keyword and also do not copy from the other listing.
  • Use only Tier -1 keyword from the keyword research tool.
  • Double-check for extra space, special character etc and if you have anyone then please remove it.

 Note: In the new guidelines of amazon, once you create the title then you can’t modify it. You can find the major keyword through our keyword research tool.

2. Bullets Points: Bullet point is also a main point for the listing. You have to add the feature of product in this column. For each product, up to five bullet points should be included. On the basis of bullet point, the customer makes buying decision.

  • Always keep bullet point clear and concise.
  • Bullet heading should be in capital letter.
  • For all five bullets, being less than in 1000 characters.
  • Your first 550 characters should add tier -1 and 2 keywords.
  • Right important feature of the product in the first 3 bullets, because by default only 3 bullets will be visible.


Note: Write the exact features of the product, that customer after using doesn’t give any negative review.

3. Product Description: In the product description part, you have to add the product detail like length, weight, material used and how to use it etc. you can also add some more features to it.

  • You can add almost 2000 characters to the product description.
  • In the application, product description first comes so it should be in de犀利士
  • Write in a bullet format; highlight the important feature and details of the product. In our product description tool you can modify it easily.
  • Use effective keyword from the Tier-3.
  • Write every small detail about the product like weight, height, weight, colour and packaging.


 Note: most of the time customer use mobile phones, so when they search product. The description appears before the bullet.

4. Images: Images play an important role, because customer before buying product they always check the images and it also inspires them for buying the product.

  • Take a photo from flattering angle and also focused.
  • The background of the images should be white and clean.
  • You can add 8 images for a single product.
  • The images should be matched with the product description in the colour, size and so on.
  • The pixel of image should be 1500 X 1500.

Note: If your brand is registered then you can also add video (EBC) with the images.


5. Review & Rating: The product features are explained by you and on those details mostly customer not believes. Before buying any product they always check review that “what customer received “. And you will also understand customer sentiments about product. What they liked or what not.



  • In the first month of product launch, try to get at least 10 review.
  • Try to maintain rating above 4.
  • If you received any review negative then talk to buyer and remove it.
  • Always give a reply to every review, no matter review is negative or positive.
  • Try to get question from the customer and also answer those questions.

    Note: Try to get picture, video with five-star rating from the customer.

6.  Sales & Promotion: Apart from all the above checklist, sales and promotion are also important. You can do product promotion through FB page and campaign.

  • Create super URL of your listing.
  • Add main keyword in super URL through our keyword research tool.
  • Post your product on social media like FB and Instagram.
  • Try to engage with the customer through chat on FB.
  • Use amazon sponsored ads including manual and automatic.

  Note : You can get product Super URL from our tool area.

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