How to Successfully Market Products on Amazon?


There is one fact that every seller should accept – optimizing products on Amazon is different from optimizing your store on Google. And while many of the novice sellers don’t realize this fact, we have tried to put all the significant points together to ensure you understand the importance of an optimized product listing on Amazon and how it can benefit you with more sell.

Keywords are Important

We all know what role keywords play in search engine optimization. The similar is with Amazon product listings. In Amazon search optimization those products that have all the search terms entered by user rank higher. There are two types of keywords in Amazon – Primary keywords and Hidden or Secondary keywords.

The former is visible in product titles, descriptions and search terms while the latter is not visible to customers they support a product to a greater extent.

If you think why to bother so much about keywords, then let’s take an example. You sell gemstone jewelry and use the same in keywords. Now customers search for ‘jewelry’, gemstone jewelry’ and similar words, your chances of visibility get low because of the competition. However, if you have also added specified keywords such as ‘gemstone jewelry in 14K gold’ or ‘gift ideas for 5th anniversary’, your chances of ranking high increases because your product falls in these categories as well.

Finding Keywords

While the simplest way is to include all the possible phrases that denote your product. But that doesn’t work always because you don’t know what people are searching. A good idea is to take help of Amazon keyword tools. Since these tools are the best design to identify the relevant keywords, they can greatly simplify the task. You can use our tool like Keyword Research Tool to research the search terms. When searching, keep in mind the product features, why people buy it and how it’s better over others. If your search terms will answer these questions, the chances of your product search and sell will increase.

Other Keyword Tips for Better Results

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think of questions a consumer could ask and create phrases accordingly.
  • Try searching whatever keywords come to mind on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You could find different variations that people use to search your product.
  • You can use Amazon autocomplete to find suggestions. when you type a few letters in the search box, Amazon itself give suggestions related to your search. Carefully and patiently check if there is a strong keyword or set of searches matching your product.
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    k the related search terms and try including them in your backend, bullet points and description in a logical manner.

Optimizing the Content

Now that you have the keyword list ready, it is time to focus on content and integrate the search terms smartly in the listing.

Every product has the following sections:

  • Title of the product
  • Product image
  • Key features of the product
  • Product listing description
  • Amazon product reviews
  • Amazon product rating

We have explained each of these sections in detail in our videos. However, here we will brief them to give you an idea of how to optimize your product listings.

Let’s start with the title. The title of the listing should be up to 200 characters with first letter capital of every word. Make sure to spell out the measurements and write numbers in numerals. Avoid including variations such as size and color.

Next comes the features. Briefly write the key features and benefits of the products. Keep it short, crisp and concise.

When writing the description, be detailed and make sure every information is filled. The description should be unique, keyword optimized and fairly address the pain point of the consumer. Include the benefits, features, maintenance tips and whatever you think is relative and relevant to include.

Product images are the next milestone in the process of optimization. And there are few very important things to consider when uploading the images. Amazon allows you to upload 9 images of each product and we recommend to use them all. Get your products clicked from different angles and as per the specifications. The first image will be your primary image with white background and high quality. Other images could include color variations, lifestyle shot, product shot, packaging shot and more. Make sure you carefully follow the Amazon product image rules mentioned in the guidelines for best viewing and no rejections.

Last but not the least will be the customer reviews that will work as a fuel to gear up your optimization for higher visibility and better conversion. You can also include videos, comparison charts, and similar other stuff to enrich your product listings.


All the elements in the Amazon product optimization process are interconnected. To make sure of better visibility that converts in a sale, you need to follow the process with full convection. You can also connect with AMZBlast for quick, easy and authentic listing optimization. Our experts can provide the hands-on guidance for successful marketing on Amazon.


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